COVID-19 hit us hard and fast, and it is an understatement to say that as country and globally, we were not prepared! Now medical and frontline workers are scrambling to find enough personal protective equipment just to be able to to their jobs. Some of them are even working with no protection at all!

Sew for Humanity has heard the call and has been frantically sewing masks, relying solely upon generous local donations.  With help WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEW AND GIVEN AWAY ALMOST 400 MASKS to police officers, nurses, midwives, kids, seniors, grocery store workers, and community members at risk!

The demand has been overwhelming and continues to grow everyday! Medical workers are now asking for gowns, caps, ear savers, etc. If you are local in the Niagara/Hamilton area and want to help there are several ways to do so:

  • If you can sew (or want to learn) and want to donate your time – please join our facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/656241438542850/

  • We are in need of supplies: fabric (cotton or cotton/polyester), thread, 1/4″ or 1/2″ elastic, good functioning sewing machines, and buttons

  • If you can afford a cash donation, all money goes towards material and shipping to people in need

  • Share this web site

If you or someone you know is in need of a mask, please contact us.  We have men’s, ladies (med/large), and kids (boys/girls).

If you or someone you know is in need of a mask, please contact us.  We have men’s, ladies (med/large), and kids (boys/girls).

Instructions on how to sew your own mask

The Government of Canada provides guidelines on how to make your own mask.


Sew for Humanity also provides step-by-step tutorials with pictures and videos in its facebook group.


You can also follow this simple tutorial below.


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