Unveiling the Mysteries of Antarctica and Exposing the Cover-up

The great visionary Edgar Cayce once said, “The unseen forces are greater than the seen.” That esoteric statement extends to the cosmology of our physical universe as well, since scientists believe it’s comprised of 96% dark matterand dark energy, leaving just 4% of the universe seeable. And among the earth’s seven continents, no greater land mass has been more unseen, uninhabited and less known about than the mysterious frozen terrain that lies underneath the 2-4 mile deep polar ice shelf covering the Antarctic continent, a massive 5.4 million square mile (14 square million kilometer) archipelago that’s twice the size of Australia surrounding the south pole.

The story of Antarctica is the story of secrecy enshrouded in government nondisclosure and cover-up. Yet scientists from primarily the United States, Russia, United Kingdom and France, each largely working separately for decades, have guardedly unveiled layers of truth in small bits and pieces that reveal a mysterious, darkly hidden past. In fact up to 30 countries operate research stations on the continent. Despite the Antarctic Treaty signed by a dozen original nations in December 1959 promoting cooperation for shared scientific research that prohibits a military presence other than for adjunctive scientific purposes, more than a half dozen countries squabble over territorial claims – the UK, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, France and Norway. The US supposedly ceased its naval operations on the continent in 1998. But aside from US hegemon’s presence, Russia’s vested interest announced a year ago includes a naval expedition operating in Antarctica, its first in three decades, and seemingly a violation of the Antarctic Treaty. China also set up its first air squadron in 2016, ostensibly to support its four research bases.  With increasing tensions between US and Eastern powers Russia and China, the geopolitics chessboard match on our southernmost continent appears to be gearing up like never before.

Apart from politics, a huge crack 80 miles long (130 km) and 300 feet deep is currently splitting  and spreading across the 2,400 mile continental expanse. From last March to August the massive crevice grew 14 miles. A chunk of ice almost the size of Delaware could break apart, separating as much as 10% of the ice shelf, and likely causing sea levels to significantly rise that could submerge coastlines the world over. Edgar Cayce predicted upheaval at the earth’s poles subsequently elevating water levels and plunging US cities along the Eastern Seaboard underwater. By the end of the century, sea levels are expected to rise up to 10 feet, submerging cities like Miami and New York and forcing evacuation of 150 million people living along low lying coastlines worldwide.

The ancient Hermetic adage “as above, so below” can easily be applied to ongoing changes in the earth’s Polar Regions as a microcosm to the profound widespread changes currently taking place at the macrocosm level throughout our solar system and beyond. Cayce also predicted strong earthquake activity in the Western US that includes California’s San Andreas Fault and the Nevada-Utah area. Three 5.5-5.7 quakes struck back to back last week at the California-Nevada border on December 28th, acting as a reminder of the recent influx of earthquake and volcanic activity that appear to be directly correlated with intense solar and galactic bursts of cosmic energy. The earth is getting bombarded now by intense radioactive waves of gamma and X-rays, heating up the earth’s core causing a spike in recent earthquakes – within 9 days in late December, 257 shakers of magnitude 5 and higher.

One part of Antarctica is actually growing warmer while another part colder. According to Olafur Ingolfsson, a geologist from Iceland, 2% of Antarctica is not covered by any glacier ice at all. The coldest place on earth does contain small patches of land with large freshwater lakes marked by significantly warmer temperatures. For numerous decades this anomaly has been observed by perplexed explorers and scientists. For all its ice and snow, this land of anomalies is also the world’s largest desert.

This “land of everlasting mystery” as Antarctica’s most famous explorer Admiral Byrd calls it, is teeming with recent surprises and discoveries. The key to earth’s past, present and future all intersect on the fifth largest continent the size of the United States. Google Earth photographs have revealed two large openings at the surface that some say lead to underground tunnels and subglacial rivers flowing in an environment supporting temperatures of 60-70 degrees F. The verdict is still out on whether this subglacial aquifer system was formed naturally, or whether a human footprint inside these expansive inner chambers and underground caverns reveal a vast comprehensive network of tunnels, military bases, possible cities, or even extraterrestrial UFO bases. Fueling the ladder theory, in 2012 another strange anomaly was found on Google Earth of an odd 14.5 mile long 4.5 mile wide structure that appears to either be a monster-sized UFO lodged under the ice or a secret camouflaged research station. Russian UFO researcher Valentin Degterev found in 2015 yet another strange image on the February 2012 Google Earth that appears to be four tanks covered in snow lined up facing what could be a crashed 204’ wide and 40’ tall UFO.

This presentation will focus on tangible findings and discoveries that have been historically confirmed and documented, including what is most likely half-truths and disinformation that only spread greater distrust and suspicion amongst the global populace. News events in 2016 have reported an ongoing parade of members of the elite making impromptu nonstop pilgrimages to the continent, only raising more questions and driving an unprecedented level of current speculation from people all over this planet who deserve to know the truth. Increasingly during the early years of this twenty-first century, Antarctica has become a central focal point of intense controversy and growing secrecy that confirms that deep state is tightly withholding a wealth of information and knowledge from the ever-curious public masses. By taking stock of what we do know and what we think we know, a reasonable platform of inquiry can proceed, demanding answers that will shed a much needed light on this unfolding reality. And it is with this ultimate aim to solve this ever-pressing mystery to end the secrecy and deception that this article has been written.

Antarctica’s Ancient Past

A brief history of Antarctica adequately provides a contextual background by which a clearer perspective on our current dilemma can be understood. Recent studies reveal that Antarctica, India and Africa once comprised the supercontinent Gondwana until they broke apart roughly 80 million years ago. Antarctica was teeming with both animal and plant life and the landscape was largely flat and demarcated by a slow moving river. Through analyzing the sediments both offshore and along the coast, in 2013 it was determined that around 34 to 24 million years ago the glaciers began carving out the steep mountain ranges and valleys that lay under today’s icecap. However, the crustal displacement theory contends that humans could have still been living in parts of an ice-free Antarctica as recently as 12,000 years ago.

A number of Antarctica maps derived from ancient cultures showed the continent was not always covered under ice. A Turkish admiral named Piri Reis credited with creating an early map in 1513 depicts Antarctica to be ice-free long before its Western discovery by two Russian explorers in 1820. The Reis map was found at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace in 1929. Additionally two decades after Reis in 1534 Oronce Finé composed a map also displaying a remarkably accurate, de-glaciered landmass. Yet another cartography contribution was Orontheus Phynius’ map in 1531 that even showed Antarctica’s mountains and rivers. All these maps featuring a pre-glacial Antarctica closely approximate the modern map of the continent minus its current layer of ice, strongly pointing to evidence that humans once inhabited this region in a hospitable climate. It’s believed that these early 16th century maps may have been partially compiled from ancient sources dating back to the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations.

Further supporting this belief of ancient civilizations inhabiting the continent, scientists have recently discovered two large pyramids located just 10 miles inland and a third near the coastline. NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge has experts believing an ancient civilization once existed under the 2.3 kilometers of ice. The team of American and European researchers feel this could be their smoking gun, proving that Antarctica was not a frozen tundra but was once teeming with plentiful plant and animal life that included human beings. Of course wherever pyramids are discovered, speculation always abounds connecting them with extraterrestrial contact. Additionally, recent scientists believe the lost city of Atlantis could lie under the continental ice shelf.

If these latest revelations turn out to be true, it would forever change our perception of history. Egyptologists and scholars have long believed that the Egyptian Sphynx is far older than 10,000 years old, even up to 800,000 years old. Water erosion on the world’s largest statue indicates that the climate in Egypt likely changed drastically from a rainforest to a desert in a relative short period of a few thousand years. This view is consistent with conclusions held by scientists studying climate change in Antarctica as well, further reinforced by the maps of the early 1500’s that remarkably match today’s radar images of present-day subglacial Antarctica. Moreover, in recent years enormous pyramid structures have also been discovered in Mexico, Central and South America, China, Kazakhstan, Bosnia among other places. Building these mysterious mammoth structures has only reinforced a common assertion that ancient cultures around the world may well have been assisted by advanced alien technologies.

Mounting scientific evidence shows that advanced civilizations from other solar systems both in and out of our galaxy have migrated and interbred with human populations on our earth at least 1.6 million years ago. Thus, these more recent findings thoroughly demolish everything we’ve been taught, debunking both the “fake science” timelines of man’s origin only 10,000 years ago as well as Darwin’s notion that homo sapiens naturally evolved from the one cell amoeba to the ape and finally to us modern humans. Our ancient past has been willfully buried and deceptively concealed primarily by religious and political dogma.

The Hitler-Antarctica Connection

Fast forwarding to the twentieth century and Hitler’s passion for utilizing ancient occult knowledge and exploration that he was certain would aid his ambitions promoting his Aryan “super race” as earth’s self-anointed rulers, the German dictator’s undeniable connection to Antarctica runs deeper than the thick two to four mile ice shelf covering the continent. The Thule Society was a secret, anti-Semitic, pro-Aryan organization with links to Freemasonry and the occult. Founded in 1919, Thule members were to later become influential early Nazi Party sponsors and avid Hitler supporters. Hitler adopted Thule’s swastika as his own party emblem. The soon-to-be Fuhrer’s early mentor was reputed to be a Thule member as was his Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess.

A Thule society leader invited two young women who were trance mediums to a meeting. One was Maria Orsic who explained that she was able to connect with extraterrestrials in séances, also presenting the group with several pages of her automatic writing in ancient Sumerian language and another in secret Templar code. Translated, they were instructions on how to build an antigravity engine. The Vril society founded in 1918 sought occult knowledge. Maria and her Vril girls as psychic mediums communicated with members of an alleged civilization from the Aldebaran solar system located in the Taurus constellation sixty eight light years away. As a result, German engineers and scientists were believed to develop prototype flying saucers and UFO spacecraft. Advanced propulsion systems enabled thrust without the need for propellant, seemingly defying conventional Newtonian laws of physics. Only recently has this technology been made public in the US, although for many decades hidden from our awareness, secret black ops programs have been making steady progress and improvements in this technology.

Through this alleged alien contact, the Germans launched exploratory searches for esoteric occult knowledge and advanced ET civilizations, piqued by acute interest in the far off frozen land of Antarctica. Perhaps the most powerful and influential of Germany’s secret societies was the Ahnenerbe as the only secret organization founded and funded by the Third Reich in 1935. Prominent founding members included the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler whoseobsession with the occult was pathological. Another focused his expertise on the lost secrets of Atlantis. Ahnenerbe members sought ancient texts, raiding libraries and artifacts the world over in places like Tibet and India as well as occupied Russia and Europe. The prize possession on Hitler’s wish list for world dominance and power was the lost civilization of Atlantis and the Holy Grail. Hitler secured the Holy Spear when he annexed Austria although some believe it was a replica and that Himmler may have sent the real deal to Antarctica.

William Tompkins, a brilliant young American naval engineer instrumental in advancing the US weapons design and aeronautics technology during World War II, has gone public reporting that naval intelligence spies infiltrating behind German enemy lines reported that Hitler’s war machine was being aided by alien space technology. It was Tompkins’ daunting task to utilize vital incoming information and secrets for optimal use in developing America’s interstellar space propulsion program. Tompkins even maintains that several extraterrestrials masquerading as his secretaries in attractive blonde humanoid female form were members of a so called Nordic alien civilization furnishing him with crucial knowledge that facilitated progress breakthroughs in early aerospace technology. Tompkins documented his involvement in the US Navy Secret Space Program in a book published a year ago entitled Selected by Extraterrestrials. William Tompkins has also corroborated the Nazi connection establishing an underground German military base in Antarctica.

In September 1939 Germany made its third “New Swabia” expedition to Antarctica succeeding its previous research venture from December 1938 to April 1939, staking out the Third Reich’s territorial claim in the Queen Maud Land area. The Nazis used hot air balloons and planes for aerial observations to map out and survey that part of the continent searching for an ideal location to establish Neuschwabenland’s secret military base named Station 211. Allegedly guided by alien assistance and mythical artifacts, the covert operation is believed to have set out in search of the hollow earth and its subterranean caverns. The officially announced purpose of the expeditions was expansion of a whaling fleet and weapons testing in hostile conditions. But clearly the real reason was exploring the area’s underground caves and hunting for current or abandoned ET technology to construct a secret underground fortress.

Throughout the war a steady flow of German sea traffic that included the specially equipped research vessel the Swabia and a fleet of U-530 submarines and other U-boats transported both essential supplies and key personnel to their prized South Atlantic destination. Unencumbered by the world war fought thousands of miles away, Antarctica’s Station 211 was where Germany is suspected to have developed its secret space age UFO weaponry.

Not long ago a Third Reich map was recovered that graphically depicts several secret passageways that enabled German submarines to navigate to the mysterious underground regions. The Germans also utilized ancient maps of the inner kingdom of Aghartha. With so much attention being drawn to Antarctica, it’s very probable that a number of ancient artifacts or even Nazi relics are being located and discovered on the mysterious continent. As glaciers recede during warmer months, and increasingly sophisticated, sensitive technology is being used, research operations are no doubt detecting and recovering hidden treasures. A major technological breakthrough or earth altering discovery may be attracting so much attention from the planet’s movers and shakers arriving in Antarctica.

As early as 1943 the boastful German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz said:

The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.

Another piece of evidence that the Nazis were actively engaged in advanced aviation construction in Antarctica throughout the war is the fact that a British submarine torpedoed a German U-859 in September 1944 in the Straits of Malacca. 20 of the 67 crewmen survived. Thirty years later one of those survivors admitted that the sub was transporting mercury which was later confirmed by divers. The most plausible explanation for a Nazi U-boat to be that far away from home carrying material typically used as a fuel for aerospace propulsion indicates it was delivering critical cargo for the Antarctic base.

Yet another one of Himmler’s peculiar pet projects in his quest to create the perfect Aryan race was allegedly sending 10,000 of the purest Ukrainian woman of German-Slavic descent and 2,500 SS bluebloods from the Russian front to Antarctica in order to breed the future super race in their polar base and alleged city New Berlin being built.

When the Nazis realized they would ultimately lose the war, as an escape many top SS officers, party officials, engineers and scientists ended up in Antarctica. After the war the Americans were confounded to learn that thousands of German scientists were listed as dead or unaccounted for, 250,000 German citizens whose whereabouts were unknown, and over 100 submarines remained unaccounted for. Though likely a myth, persistent rumors circulated that even Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had fled safely to his Antarctic underground base.

Even after the May 1945 Nazi surrender, a U-530 submarine that had left Kiel, Germany in April is believed to have reached Antarctica in an operation called Valkarye-2 where the crew was reported to have built ice huts encased in steel plates and unloaded Third Reich relics and valuables for storage. Completing its mission, the sub entered Argentine waters on July 10th to surrender to authorities. Five weeks later a U-977 submarine crew also turned themselves in, conjecture being that the sub had dropped off Adolf and Eva’s ashes. Despite interrogation, the Nazi seamen remained tight-lipped regarding their actual Antarctic mission.

Another remarkable story is a letter allegedly written in German (English translation here) by a seaman on the U-209 submarine named Karl Unger. He explains that Dr. Karl Haushofer, a former German Army general and influential political geographer, had given Unger’s submarine captain Heinrich Brodda detailed instructions and maps to navigate to specific coordinates in Antarctica that enabled them to enter underground caverns that then led to the hollow earth. Unger said the entire crew would remain there. The war records do list that U-209 as missing.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd – Naval Aviator and Famous Polar Explorer

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd is among America’s most honored American heroes and pioneering explorers. As a 1912 US Naval Academy graduate, understanding the importance of future air travel, Richard Byrd opted to become a naval aviator in 1917. Along with co-pilot Floyd Bennett, on May 9th, 1926 Byrd braved a 16-hour flight in a tri-motor monoplane circling over the Arctic tundra for 13 minutes before heading back to complete the first landmark journey to the North Pole covering 1,335 nautical miles. Both he and Bennett were instantly recognized as heroes and awarded America’s top Medal of Honor for their accomplishment, although researchers have disputed his claim as the first to fly over the North Pole.

The following year in 1927, Byrd, Bennett and three others were among several aviator teams that made the first nonstop transatlantic flight from the US to France, though flying solo Charles Lindbergh became the very first. But little more than a month later Byrd and his crew were at it again, crash landing this time on Omaha Beach, Normandy on July 1st. In 1928 Richard Byrd led his first Antarctic expedition by ship and planes taking photographs and conducting geological surveying. On November 28th, 1929 Byrd and his crew made the first flight over the South Pole lasting almost 19 hours. Immediately following that historic feat, the explorer became the youngest admiral in US naval history at age 41. After making his second Antarctic expedition in 1934, spending five months alone at the advanced base camp, in 1938 Byrd visited Hamburg, Germany and was actually invited to participate in the 1938-39 Neuschwabenland Antarctic expedition. But with prewar tensions rising over Hitler’s increasing aggression, Admiral Byrd declined the offer. Instead in 1939 Byrd led his third and largest South Pole expedition that included 125 men, the first fully funded and sponsored by Washington. But with world war looming on the horizon, a decision was made to eventually abort the expedition and both east and west base camp personnel sailed their ships into Boston harbor in May 1941 while war in Europe was already raging. During WWII Admiral Byrd was confidential advisor to both the Commander-in-Chief and top naval commander Admiral Ernest J. King, given assignments in both the European and Pacific theaters.

Admiral Byrd’s post-WW II Lost Naval Battle against Militarily Advanced Hostile German and/or ET Forces

Shortly after the war through US intelligence services, Operation Paperclip was spawned, granting safe passage for relocation to America more than 1500 German scientists, engineers and skilled technicians for immediate employment. Despite destroying evidence, the US government learned of Germany’s advances militarily and the ET assistance that enabled them. So the program was developed to jointly gain an unsurpassable military advantage while jump starting a fledgling aerospace program as well as deny Germany, the Soviet Union and the rest of the world the German brainpower. To Washington’s consternation, thousands of scientists, engineers and Third Reich military and political leaders were never accounted for. Neither were scores of German submarines. Inside sources suspected many had escaped to the German underground base in Antarctica.

To seek and destroy perhaps the enemy’s final refuge, Admiral Richard Byrd was the natural selection to lead the military expedition called Operation Highjump. Billed as a “reconnaissance mission” to establish the research base Little America IV, the operation hit the high seas in December 1946. When encountering the press, Byrd tended to be more truthful than his government preferred and just prior to embarking, he openly stated that Highjump was a “military expedition” “to look for some bases.” By January 1947, Byrd’s Navy Task Force 68 fleet consisting of 4,700 Navy and Marine personnel, 13 warships including an aircraft carrier, a battleship and a destroyer and 33 aircraft had reached their icy destination and set up their base camp from which to locate and take out the secret Nazi base. Never before had such a vast operation been deployed to the southernmost continent. During the first few weeks of settling in and engaging in reconnaissance and surveying, outside of some close calls under extreme harsh climate conditions, everything seemed to be progressing as scheduled. While on two reconnaissance occasions, the flight navigation and radio equipment on Byrd’s aircraft failed while flying over a plush green valley, lakes and rivers free of ice in 70 degree F. temperatures. This strange anomaly has fueled speculation over the hollow earth theory.

After nearly two months on assignment, suddenly out of nowhere the naval task force was attacked by combat power and conditions never before witnessed on a battlefront. Seemingly springing up out of nowhere from the water emerged a number of saucer shaped craft that exerted a force field shield that appeared to be controlled by anti-gravity UFO’s. In the mayhem, three US ships were sunk, including the destroyer. The 6-month operation was forced to abruptly abandon its mission. This was alien technology in action. As the defeated task force began its return to the US, Admiral Byrd’s initial press report from Chile explained that his mission had to be aborted due to taking in “too many casualties.” The Chilean newspaper El Mercurio ran a March 5th, 1947 article stating:

Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. The admiral further stated that he didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. Admiral Byrd repeated the above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service.

Byrd arrived in America from his failed operation on April 14th, 1947. Again when he later testified before Congress, the admiral reiterated his alarming warning:

In case of a new war the US would be attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed.

Exactly what he meant is open to question. But what’s clear is the advanced aeronautic technology his task force encountered makes space travel very conceivable, suggesting that he was either attacked by an alien force or an advanced German air superiority aided by ET’s. Definitely there can be no doubt that the German military in Antarctica had acquired advanced space age technologies from an alien civilization or a hostile ET force existed under the ice or a joint combination of both violently repelled the mighty American naval fleet. Byrd’s enigmatic assertion leaves open the possibility that his opponent could navigate from pole to pole through a hollow earth passageway, surmising that WWIII would likely be eventually fought at the Poles.

After the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, the KGB released records confirming that Highjump’s actual mission was indeed to capture and destroy that hidden underground German military base. Perhaps the most accurate and detailed account of Nazi contact and connection to alien civilization(s) and advanced interspace technology is featured in the 44-minute 2006 Russian documentary “Third Reich – Operation UFO.”

National Geographic featured Byrd’s Highjump story entitled “Our Navy Explores Antarctica” in its October 1947 issue, but no sooner was it published, the US government immediately pulled virtually every issue of the magazine from circulation. Coincidentally, in July that same year the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico was also quickly covered up, like Byrd’s violently close encounter with ET technology at the South Pole. Roswell allowed reverse-engineering to aid the black ops programs to begin developing their own antigravity spacecraft. A probable UFO crash in Germany’s Bavaria in the summer of 1936 helped give the Nazis a full decade head start.

Disinfo Central – Admiral Byrd’s Bogus 1947 North Pole ‘Close Encounter’ Inside the Hollow Earth

According to an Admiral Byrd 1947 diary, the renowned polar explorer discovered an advanced ET civilization inhabiting a hollowed out center of the earth during an Arctic expedition dated February 19th, 1947. Among the most incredible stories in history, for good reason, it’s been ignored by the US government but scooped up by hollow earth aficionados as their biblical proof. February 1947 must have been quite a year for the Polar Byrd-man. While during his well-documented Operation Highjump, the admiral was getting his ass kicked by aliens or Nazis equipped with alien technology at the South Pole in February 1947, at the other end of the earth’s North Pole, according to Byrd’s “secret diary,” he was also entering the magical alien world of Aghartha for a sobering sit-down chat with the advanced civilization’s Master, warning him that if humans continue their evil warlike ways, doom and gloom awaits. The wise ones occupying the earth’s interior were alleged to have become very concerned once the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. But never mind that we mere mortals can’t be in two places at the same time, this fake diary makes for a good moralistic science fiction read. Unfortunately it severely undermines any legitimacy that a livable hollow earth supporting an advanced civilization may actually be real.

A twenty year old article written by researcher-editor Dennis Crenshaw for The Hollow Earth Insider thoroughly debunks this alleged 1947 “secret diary.” Crenshaw correctly points out that the North Pole in February is still wintertime, supplying neither the most ideal flying conditions, much of the time in darkness, and definitely not the most hospitable time of year for an Arctic expedition. Since the 1947 Byrd diary is nowhere else documented or to be found, it’s a fraud. Not only did no Arctic expedition take place in February 1947, but the source of this pure myth is also suspect. The very first mention of Byrd flying past the North Pole into a hollow earth is alluded to in a book entitled Worlds beyond the Poles: Physical Continuity of the Earth, published in 1959 by a controversial, self-proclaimed scientist named F. Amadeo Giannini. His Admiral Byrd quote on page 13 has been used religiously by the Hollow Earth-ers to validate their belief:

February 1947: “I’d like to see that land beyond the pole. The area beyond the pole is the center of the great unknown.”                           Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd before his seven-hour flight over land beyond the North Pole

The only known reference Byrd ever made even remotely resembling the above statement is in the October National Geographic article. Byrd mentions the “Mystery Land beyond the Pole,” except he was referring to the South Pole expedition, not the North Pole. Moreover, Giannini was never a hollow earth advocate at all but a “flat earth” subscriber. When he received flack challenging his contention of a February 1947 Byrd North Pole expedition, his retort in a letter to one of his skeptics was a flippant giveaway:

This author cares not a little how you use the name, Giannini.  But inasmuch as the name has been known and respected for more than 60 years, from Vancouver to San Diego – due to the activity of the late Amadeo Peter Giannini of Bank of Italy and Bank of America fame…

So the name dropping author is a relative of the Bank of America founder. That speaks volumes for a member of an elite family to purposely insert bogus disinformation to muddy up the controversial waters surrounding Admiral Byrd’s real or imagined exploits. Deep state and especially the CIA are notorious for “leaking” disinformation and bogus lies, in this case intended to discredit both Admiral Byrd’s encounters with alien technology and the devotees of the hollow earth theory, deploying the old CIA yoke that renders them tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists.” This disinfo game that saturates both mainstream and alternative media these days, especially on the internet, has been an extremely effective deep state strategy to keep its dirty little secrets still secret, hidden or skeptically not accepted by a confused public that doesn’t quite know what to believe.

A closer look at the origin of the so called lost Byrd diary itself also appears to lead to yet another disinformation hustler. There has only been one Byrd diary that authentically documents the explorer’s experience and it was his first flight over the North Pole in 1926 featured in a 1928 book called Skyward. But apparently the secret diary all about the hollow earth visit to Aghartha was conjured up years after Giannini’s book with the probable intent to “substantiate” the B of A writer’s earlier claim. Even a cursory examination of the real Byrd’s writing style and the amateurish comic book sci-fi account of the later “discovered” February 1947 diary plants serious doubt that the latter was written by the explorer. Apparently the “secret 1947 diary” originated back in the 1970’s from a group in rural Missouri calling itself “The Society for a Complete Earth,” led by an individual who aspires to travel to the interior world by dirigible. Copies of this bogus diary were sold to make money promoting Byrd’s hollow earth meme.

Crenshaw astutely notes that in his 1926 flight diary, Byrd spots a “leak in the oil tank of the starboard motor.” The forged, second 1947 diary just so happens to also spring an “oil leak in the starboard engine.” What are the odds of that? Crenshaw cites another example of plagiarism taken straight out of the 1937 Ronald Coleman film “The Lost Horizon,” where the supposed ET Master utters word for word Coleman’s scripted lines. So much for diversionary rabbit holes designed to lead us nowhere but disbelief. An account of Byrd’s real flight beyond a Pole came in 1956.

Byrd’s January 1956 2,300 Mile Flight beyond the South Pole

Though it’s highly unlikely that Admiral Byrd flew to the hollow earth from the North Pole in February 1947, supposedly on his final Antarctic expedition little more than a year before his death, the renowned American explorer is reported to have reached the South Polar Opening during a January 1956 flight. Perhaps having contacted the advanced hollow earth race already on previous journeys to the Poles, or minimally seen for himself that warm green areas with ice-free lakes exist near and beyond the South Pole and firsthand witnessed UFO battle capability, at the outset of his final trip to Antarctica in November 1955, Admiral Byrd stated:

This is the most important expedition in the history of the world.

That’s a pretty big statement. We can infer that he is drawing on his already amazing experiences flying over the Poles and most probably beyond. On February 5th, 1956 several weeks after his highly anticipated journey, Byrd announced on the radio to American media back home:

On January l3th, members of the United States expedition accomplished a flight of 2,700 miles from the base at McMurdo Sound, which is 400 miles west of the South Pole, and penetrated a land extent of 2,300 miles beyond the Pole.

If he actually travelled another 2,300 miles beyond the South Pole and not flown into the hollow rim opening, but kept flying on a straight course over Antarctica, Byrd and his crew would have nearly reached the middle of the Atlantic Ocean near the equator. And we know that didn’t happen. So the most logical conclusion is the 2,300 miles beyond the South Pole must have taken his plane into the earth’s interior. On March 13th, the day he returned to America from his final polar expedition less than a year before his death, the great explorer referred to Antarctica as:

… that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery.

Ray Palmer, editor of Flying Saucer Magazine, responding to the preponderance of UFO sightings at the Poles, concluded this about the pair of flights Admiral Byrd made over each Pole:

The flying saucers could come from these two unknown lands ‘beyond the Poles.’ It is the opinion of the editors of “Flying Saucers” magazine that the existence of these lands cannot be disproved by anyone, considering the facts of the two expeditions which we have outlined.

Richard Evelyn Byrd’s final diary entry is dated December 30th, 1956:

These last few years elapsed since 1947 have not been kind…

I now make my final entry in this singular diary. In closing, I must state that I have faithfully kept this matter secret as directed all these years. It has been completely against my values of moral right. Now, I seem to sense the long night coming on and this secret will not die with me, but as all truth shall, it will triumph and so it shall.This can be the only hope for mankind. I have seen the truth and it has quickened my spirit and has set me free! I have done my duty toward the monstrous military industrial complex.

Now, the long night begins to approach, but there shall be no end.

Just as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again… and those who are of darkness shall fall in its Light… FOR I HAVE SEEN THAT LAND BEYOND THE POLE, THAT CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN.

It’s more than probable that the admiral reached the earth’s inner core. His radio announcement was never followed up in the press because the government obviously suppressed any further publicity covering his wondrous discovery “2,300 miles beyond the Pole.” Obviously from his final entry he wanted to share everything about his spectacular travels and life-changing experiences. But by 1956 Washington was long committed to carrying out its sinister policy of secrecy, lies, and even murder to deprive Americans and all of humanity of the truth. Like President Eisenhower’s prophetic warning in his 1961 farewell address, Byrd saw firsthand “the monstrous military industrial complex.”

If an intelligent civilization that only knows peace and compassion lives in the earth’s interior and we were told the truth back then, it would have ended the cold war and undoubtedly changed the fate of mankind forever. As an honest individual, Byrd must have suffered excruciating inner conflict and pain, keeping what he knew secret from the rest of the world, it had to have eaten him up inside. Limited to speaking only in vague lofty innuendo and unable to fully disclose what he’d seen, perhaps that literally did kill him as the American hero died less than two and a half months after his final diary entry. And there is no doubt that his reticence to disclose had much more to do with the tragic fate that befell his former boss, colleague and friend James Forrestal than it did following orders as a military officer.

Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and His Tragic Fate

The Secretary of the Navy that sent Byrd down to Antarctica on his 1947 military Highjump mission was James Forrestal, a onetime naval aviator himself, a successful businessman and in September 1947 the first US Secretary of Defense. He was privy to all the secret cover-ups of the federal government from the UFO phenomenon to the secrecy of the US, Nazi and alien space technology. 1947 was a busy and eventful year as Majestic 12 was also formed in July per an executive order by then President Truman. Majestic 12 is the top secret committee comprised of scientists, military leaders and government insiders invited on a need to know basis designated to oversee and conceal all alien phenomena and documentation. James Forrestal was a member. Because the Secretary of Defense advocated an open policy of disclosure to his fellow Americans, and was both a supporter and ally of Admiral Byrd, his push to reveal the existence of UFO’s and the deceptive machinations of the FDR-Truman wartime administrations became a thorn in the side of the rogue government. Moreover, the forceful Forrestal also strongly opposed globalism and the establishment of the state of Israel. Hence, his smear campaign and ultimate demise.

Forrestal’s uncompromising, moral high ground stance had to be neutralized as he threatened to expose the criminal cabal operating at the time as the federal government, having compiled a multi-thousand page diary that the New York Times claimed could fill a file cabinet, revealing all the inside secrecy he’d been observing. By the end of March 1949, Truman fired him and took possession of his diary. And within a week in early April 1949, against his will, America’s first Secretary of Defense was committed to Bethesda Naval Hospital for “mental exhaustion.” He was branded mentally unstable and that was all that was necessary to arrange a few weeks later his “suicided” murder on May 22nd, 1949, claiming that he had plunged to his death from a small 16th floor hospital window. The flawed death investigation was concealed for 55 years before it was released in 2004. A heavily redacted top secret governmentdocument with Majestic’s fingerprints written all over it stated:

The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable.

Both Forrestal and Byrd wanted to reveal to the outer world the truth about the interior world and the advanced extraterrestrials. And Forrestal’s murder had to be taken as a direct threat by Admiral Byrd – “open your mouth and you’ll be next.”

So in March 1957, Admiral Richard Byrd went to his grave less than eight years later still holding onto all his incredible secrets, and other than uttering his few ambiguously suggestive and poetic statements providing only glimpses of the deeper truth, explorer Byrd’s death was intended to be the nail in the coffin against any further hollow earth disclosure, at least from a government insider source. With the creation of Majestic and then NASA a year after Byrd’s death, the assigned official gatekeeper of scientific “truth” was firmly, compartmentally in place, ensuring that the solid spherical earth hoax would be maintained. And another half dozen years after Byrd’s passing, the same rogue government was free to once again get away with another murder, silencing the last honest US president trying to represent the people’s best interests. But as we enter 2017, for all its flagrant evildoing, the international crime cabal has never been more exposed than it is at this historic moment. Momentum’s on our side.

Recent Findings

Lending credence to secret Nazi military bases at the poles comes news from two months ago that Russian scientists unearthed an abandoned Nazi base in the Arctic after German scientists apparently ate infected polar bear meat in 1942. The base was likely part of the Third Reich’s treasure finders research teams searching for ancient artifacts.

Four years ago a Russian study found a massive golden swastika over 100 meters wide and long that lays 13,100 feet deep at the bottom of the largest Antarctic freshwater lake the size of Lake Ontario under miles of thick ice. The waters of Lake Vostok are believed to have been untouched for 20 million years. Rather than attribute the swastika to the Nazis and their nearby underwater subterranean caves and bases, this swastika is far more likely linked to the ancient religious symbol for peace that originated on the Indian subcontinent.

Last week the latest anomaly surfaced in Antarctica. Right in the center of what could be a 300 mile wide impact crater is the home of a massive buried object laying under a deep coat of ice that emanates a concentration of powerful gravitational energy measured from a NASA satellite. Some believe it’s an enormous meteorite three times the size of the life extinction asteroid that 250 million years ago wiped out the dinosaur, 70% of land-based vertebrates and 96% of the earth’s sea creatures.

But others speculate that it’s one more piece of mounting evidence of a secret Nazi UFO base, perhaps the one that attacked Admiral Byrd’s Operation Highjump seven decades ago or the underground base mentioned next that’s apparently still in operation under the ice. A growing body of supportive evidence is frequently discovered on Google Earth, such as the large open entrances to a subterranean world with saucer shaped figures lodged in ice. The UFO fervor keeps intensifying, centered on the Antarctic mystery as a probable portal to other worldly activity. The poles have long been associated with being multidimensional vortex fields that act as earth entry and exit points for intergalactic spacecraft travel. When considered together, all of these odd cumulative findings and anomalies from Antarctica that keep popping up on a near daily basis beg for definitive answers to questions that can only be attained through open inquiry and thorough investigation.

Lt. Col. Billie Faye Woodard’s Story

Albeit anecdotal and unverifiable, fifteen years ago a former Air Force Lt. Colonel by the name of Billie Faye Woodard shared his experience while assigned to the infamously top secret Area 51 in the Nevada desert from January 1971 to 1982. He maintains that for 11.5 years he never saw the light of day working underground with access beyond the first 15 manmade levels to the deeper 16-31 levels allegedly inhabited by an advanced interior earth civilization. He reported that he made six trips into the hollow earth, encountering the sub-terrestrials not of human origin. Woodard claims they are 13 to 14 feet in height, are spiritually evolved beings who communicate telepathically and have obviously developed amazing technological capabilities.

He also stated that the hollow earth has an inner sun, one ocean and one continent larger than the earth’s surface landmass. Billie Faye Woodard says that the earth’s shell separating the inner and outer worlds is about 800-850 miles in thickness and that our planet’s center of gravity is roughly at this shell’s midpoint. Gravity in the inner world is less than one third the outer world’s, which Billie cited as the main reason why the inner race of people are several feet taller. According to Woodard, this super race lives in harmony with nature and shares a vested interest in the wayward humans living topside to ensure they do not destroy the entire planet. Apparently this civilization is willing to work with selected humans like Woodard, deployed by deep state’s black ops at Area 51’s subterranean levels, 85% being military and 15% civilian.

While stationed at Area 51, Lt. Colonel Woodard explained that one night he had the opportunity to fly a US manufactured military saucer called Sports Craft (once observed and reported by Bob Lazar at Area 51) with an alleged alien co-pilot who coached him. Woodard states that using touch control indentations, with his mind alone, he piloted the motion and velocity of the craft capable of making right turns at incredible speeds without incurring any g-force. At the time Billie said the US had assembled 67 flying saucers through Area 51’s black projects. The colonel has said the primary reason he resigned from the Air Force was after learning that many missing children who are abducted and trafficked (those spared from being abused sexually and murdered by the pedophile elite) are taken to Area 51 underground levels to be genetically engineered, programmed and transformed into looking like alien hybrids that will be used to launch a false flag alien invasion of the earth to enable the global controllers to achieve their one world government. Upon his discharge, Billie has attempted to get access to his military records that would provide credibility to his spectacular claims, but the government has strictly sealed his records.

Billie Faye Woodard also corroborates the authenticity of Norwegian fisherman Olaf Jansen’s story The Smoky God published in 1908. Olaf sailed into the opening near the North Pole in 1829 and wrote of his wondrous experiences inside the earth and his persecuted, tortuous life back on the surface. As a young man Olaf suffered for telling his story and kept it to himself until befriending a person near the end of his solitary life to share his amazing tale.

New Berlin Base – Still Operating?

But not all accounts of underground experiences are pleasant. A detailed autobiography was written as a 2008 unpublished book entitled The New Berlin Base: Nazis in the Antarctica, addressing the harrowing life of a young slave apparently born into a family of workers at a subterranean alien base. The anonymous writer describes how he was allegedly trapped in an old German-ET underground Antarctic base that he claims is still operating today. Two decades ago the author apparently managed to escape at the age of 15. The whistleblower found himself regaining consciousness outside the only life he knew inside the earth in a mountain area of Tajikistan and eventually by train made his way to Germany. When he spoke of his traumatic experience growing up inside his underground base, like Olaf he was diagnosed with mental illness and eventually had to bury his past and lie to authorities in order to extricate himself from the prison of the mental health system. He refuses to go public other than using his writing as a confessional and form of self-therapy.

According to the author, the base has since been taken over by humans. The technology at the base is purported to be years ahead of our current known level of technology. He spoke of daily work tasks like remote viewing and planting thoughts in others’ heads. A final chapter reveals complex mathematics and physics formulas that were subsequently checked out and validated by an experienced physicist, but conceivably could be simply copied. Whether the traumatic and cruel experiences written about living inside his underground base are true or not cannot be absolutely ascertained. As with all presented accounts, the reader must decide for him or herself. That said, disinformation in this age of deception is extremely common. In fact, perhaps the biggest lie that’s been perpetrated by deep state yet swallowed whole by hordes of true believers is Admiral Byrd’s fake 1947 diary detailing his fantastical flight beyond the North Pole to a utopian ET world. If in fact Byrd did make contact with a superior race, it does irreparable damage to those earnestly trying to expose the truth that an advanced civilization inhabiting the earth’s interior may actually exist. But then that’s what deep state wants – cynics without belief.

In addition to censorship of that 1947 National Geographic article, a December 1959 Flying Saucer magazine article covering Byrd’s polar flights also was eliminated from circulation, not unlike censorship today with real news labeled “fake news” slotted for censorship. Or spinning bogus stories of ET encounters that never happened like the February ’47 flight to Aghartha, other deep state measures to silence the truth have resorted to legislating a prohibitionagainst citizens from even being able to explore deep caves. Are the feds afraid someone might actually stumble their way into Aghartha’s inner core?

Also for too obvious reasons, a strict ban that’s forever been enforced expressly forbids planes from flying over the North and South Pole. Rest assure the evil ones are vigilantly guarding the polar gates, apprehending any and all efforts by private citizens trying to escape from topside bondage seeking refuge in inner sanctum utopia. If there is nothing to hide or no such thing as intelligent life inhabiting our hollow planet, then why would deep state go to such meticulous, overreaching lengths and efforts to make caves or Pole fly-overs so criminally off limits to us?

2016’s Nonstop Globalist Guest List in Antarctica

Let’s shift to here and now reality. Something big is going on down in Antarctica or presidents, deep state emissaries, religious leaders, royalty, and legendary astronauts would not be attending. Major discoveries are forcing the issue. But other than the VIP list below making visits to Antarctica, little else is reported or known regarding the specific purpose or nature of their trips. Prior to last year’s guest list, a couple other notables worth mentioning:

On September 15th, 1999 President Bill Clinton, a Bohemian Grove alum, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg member, visited the American Antarctic Deep Freeze Base in Christchurch, New Zealand and spoke to US personnel stationed at the main American Antarctic Base at McMurdo. Thankfully despite all their dirty trick scandals and murders behind them, with his wife’s recent defeat, the Bush-Clinton-Obama control over the puppet throne in Washington has just been finally dethroned.

On January 17th, 2004 Spain’s King Carlos and queen traveled to Antarctica on a Chilean ship. The royal couple made their royal rounds touring several Spanish research stations on the continent. The press cover reads like a kid fulfilling his lifelong dream come true. But the truth is far more sinister than that. As the head of the Bourbon family bloodline, the Jesuit trained Knight of Malta is also the King of Jerusalem and wields immense world power over the Vatican and Middle East.

In late November to mid-December 2013, Prince Harry accompanied a team of a dozen veterans of Empire wars from UK, US and Canada on a Walking with the Wounded Antarctic expedition as a PR stunt to raise money and awareness for those willing to die for the latest bankers’ wars. Of course Harry’s dad Charles, Grandpa Philip and virtually the entire royal British bloodline was smitten by the pedophile of the century Jimmy Savile, who’s believed to have even pimped child victims for the royal family’s consumption.

On an emergency basis, Pope Francis and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill met in Cuba last year on February 12th (ostensibly to discuss the persecution and murder of Christians). It was the first time that these two heads of Christianity met face-to-face in almost 1000 years. Then on February 16th, just four days later, the elderly Patriarch Kirill departed on a sudden trip to Antarctica to bless a penguin and the frozen land as “a model of ideal humanity.”

This came shortly after rumors began circulating in September 2015 of a mysterious relic some say was the Ark of Gabriel unearthed at a mosque construction site in Mecca, linked to a crane toppling over to kill 111 worshippers. A second attempt to secure the alleged relic has been connected to a stampede at a pilgrimage killing 2,000 more people. The angel Gabriel is said to have informed Mary of Jesus’ birth and dictated the Koran to Muhammed. This troublesome find led to the Saudi request for Russia to retrieve the ark and take it some place far away from any more Muslims. A Russian general was tasked with picking it up on his way to Antarctica for delivery. This supposed joint cooperative venture came at a time when Saudi-Russian relations are alleged to be severely strained.

Just three weeks later in early March 2016, President Obama traveled south to Patagonia near the tip of Argentina – a Drake’s Passage away from Antarctica while his head of intelligence James Clapper made the trip to Australia and New Zealand, communicating with the Antarctica station while meeting the two prime ministers. Speculation still lingers over whether one or both made a secret rendezvous to the southern continent.

Then a few months later it was the CFR-Skull and Bonesman’s turn, Secretary of State John Kerry to make his strange trek to Antarctica on of all days November 8th. The official line was to receive an update on climate changeresearch. His itinerary showed that he left on Election Day. Millions of people who accept the fact that virtually everything the government says and does is pure bull shit are certain that far more is left out than meets the eye. Earlier this week UK’s conspiracy theory ridicule rag Express ran a headline that Kerry went to check out a secret UFO Nazi base from World War II. More disinfo to obscure the truth?

A week and a half prior to his departure, with 24 other nations Kerry signed a pact banning all private ships and citizens from travel to Antarctica’s southern coast for the next 35 years. The globalists always couch their news in Orwellian doublespeak like “history’s largest marine preserve to protect Chilean sea bass.” But make no mistake. Their real agenda is to prevent us from knowing about their top secret discoveries and further plundering for no good. Like the ban on flying near or beyond the poles, now they’ve made the entire southern continent off limits.

Then like clockwork just several weeks after Kerry yet another odd guest is invited to the elite’s frozen playground. A month ago 86-year old 33 degree Freemason and legendary moon walking astronaut Buzz Aldrin was touring the continent but suddenly became ill and had to be airlifted from the frozen wasteland. Stricken with an undisclosed medical condition that was allegedly deteriorating, he had to be hospitalized and quarantined according to his Antarctic tour company White Desert. Then to throw another curveball at all the people wondering what’s really going on that they’re not telling us, on December 9th Aldrin allegedly tweeted “We are all in danger, it’s pure evil,” referring to a photo showing the top of a recently discovered pyramid.

This month it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s the geopolitics grandmaster himself, Vladimir Putin’s turn to take in the January icescapes, and get the latest scoop on the covert skullduggery down under.

Final Tidbit Anomalies

The internet was all abuzz a month and a half ago when millions were viewing a video claiming that the first French woman astronaut to reach the International Space Station screamed “the earth must be warned!” referring to extraterrestrials prior to slipping into a coma attempting an OD suicide in 2008. Another strange occurrence is the developmental biology lab where she was employed as a DNA research scientist suddenly caught fire. It’s been reported that after she returned from space, she took to believing that long ago ET’s had colonized our planet and interbred with ancient cultures altering our DNA. Though that’s true, the release of this information suddenly going public via YouTube all these years later at this particular time is strikingly similar to the warning allegedly put out just a couple weeks later by Buzz Aldrin upon visiting Antarctica and falling sick, posting on Twitter an accompanying photo of the Antarctic pyramids. It seems that these are planted messages being spoon-fed to mentally prepare us for another staged “war of the worlds” scenario, but instead of HG and Orson Wells, it’s a la deep state’s rendition.

And just a few weeks prior to the French astronaut’s dramatically delivered dire warning, in late October came the Joe Biden-Vladimir Putin meeting in Moscow with Inqusitr’s sensationalized headline “’ALIEN UFO INVASION FLEET WILL REACH EARTH IN SEPTEMBER 2017,’ OBAMA ALLEGEDLY WARNS PUTIN AFTER NASA DETECTED ‘MILES-WIDE’ ARMADA OF SPACESHIPS THAT ENTERED OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.” Supposedly a “leaked” top secret Kremlin document decided to disclose this top secret meeting of Obama’s proxy asking for Putin’s help in establishing an “earth-wide” missile defense system against the pending alien invasion scheduled for the September arrival. All this sounds so preposterous considering alien technology can instantly traverse the vast Universe. Yet we’re supposed to believe it will take nearly a year in advance for the bogeyman from outer space’s armada to arrive here on earth. This is a scripted 1950’s rerun from a so-bad-it’s-funny sci fi flick. All of this is simply a disinformation campaign to “ready” us gullibly dumbed down masses to pray that our world crime cabal government will step in and save the day.

Julian Assange is said to be releasing Department of Defense cables revealing dozens of close encounters with UFO’s, at times traveling in armadas. US Armed Forces may be in the midst of a secret war with UFO’s. Suddenly emerging from underwater, especially near Antarctica, they are believed to originate from undersea bases there. A former Russian navy officer and UFO researcher states that 50% of UFO encounters report the spacecraft emerged from ocean waters and 15% from lakes. In one incident a flotilla of UFO’s originating in Antarctica heading toward Guadalajara, Mexico had the US Air Force Space Command on high alert. Aggressive UFO activity emerging from underwater to overturn and endanger ships has increased in recent years.

If it’s not “war of the worlds”-2017-style, it may well be Planet X/Nibiru, a “miles-wide” comet or meteor, a galactic or solar energy burst, an EMP attack, a Putin invasionan ISIS attack, on and on these bogeyman threats on our life keep bombarding us 24/7 every single day so we become so fear-driven that we end up victims frozen in the headlights, praying for deep state’s one world government to protect us. YouTube videos are increasingly focusing on all the strange sky phenomena featuring two or even three separate light sources on our horizon. Maybe it’s our sun, Nibiru and the ET armada heading our way, intending us to become the doe caught in their triple threat headlights, paralyzed and overcome by deep state-induced fear and panic.

Is the ‘Hollow Earth Theory’ Real?

Despite twenty-first century technology that boggles the mind, the terra firma we take for granted walking around on what we call earth is a largely unknown entity. We’ve been taught to believe it’s a solid spherical mass with molten mantle and a solid iron core. But where’s the actual proof? Without empirical evidence, what conventional science merely postulates as the truth really is nothing more than theory… just as those believing the earth is hollow or flat are each advocating a theory. But when photographs and videos appear to show that a polar opening exists at the North Pole, and according to that hollow earth theory and Byrd’s South Pole testimony, perhaps we should rethink the automatic dogma of the solid earth theory we’ve always assumed was correct, not unlike the religious, political and other scientific indoctrination we’ve been fed all our lives that now based on more recent incoming evidence, we’re realizing is false.

Let’s face it, virtually everything we’ve been taught to be reality falls short of the honest truth, having been programmed and brainwashed from day one that prohibits any real serious or genuine inquiry, questioning or challenging the prevailing dogmatic norm and “order,” thus by built-in design preventing exploration of alternative information, data and theories that may well lead to different, more accurate conclusions and outcomes. Ideally, that’s how the so called scientific method works. Scientists are encouraged and free to come up with theories, test their hypotheses and investigate outcomes to generate empirical data that supports or doesn’t support their proposed hypotheses. And if new, more factual conclusions are the result, the old, less true conventional models and theories eventually fall by the wayside.

But realistically, based on the previous track record, initially any new proposed theories and conclusions about truth and reality are always vehemently resisted and rejected by the established conventions of the day. But gradually as stronger evidence emerges, the truth is supposed to win out over the established false consensus. But in today’s world of controlled deception and deceptive control, responsible for devolving science into a compromised, politicized, serve-the-master agenda as a mere elitist propaganda tool, not unlike MSM, the truth has less chance of reaching the surface to even be seen or heard, much less win out. Virtually everything we’ve been told or taught by our so called “education” system, code word “brainwash,” is pure rubbish. Look no further than our history, made of distorted lies according to the biased self-serving agenda of the so called “victors” who are really the controllers wielding the most brute power. But their paradigm of deceit is crumbling now and about to end.

So let’s proceed with an open mind in our inquiry into the hollow earth hypothesis that asserts that the earth is either completely hollow at its inner core, or at the least contains considerable interior space with circular polar openings. Our compass magnets fail to work at the poles because each pole as a magnetic point simply does not exist. There is no magnetic point at either the North or South Pole, only the magnetic circular rim of each polar opening. Pilots who have flown over the poles verify this fact as their flight instruments are rendered non-functional.

Plus, ponder this. If the earth was a solid sphere, temperatures closest to the Pole would logically be the coldest. But in fact, temperatures at the poles are warmer than temperatures 600-1000 miles away. The warm air convection current emanating from the polar openings obviously accounts for this difference.

Science observes spinning objects with an absence of matter at the center due to centrifugal force. The combination of centrifugal and gravity forces acting on each other to reach equilibrium determines the speed of one full 360 degree rotation. For instance, despite the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in our solar system, it only takes Jupiter 9.8 hours and Saturn 10.5 hours to rotate a full circle. When those two planets were initially forming and their matter was coalescing, because they were spinning faster, their matter expanded to increase their radius. The lighter elements such as liquefied water and the gaseous atmosphere will tend to form on each side of the center point, materializing at both the inner and outer surfaces of the planet. Near the poles the crusts then thinned out to form a hole at both the northern and southern extremities.

That’s why the earth as well as other planets and celestial bodies in our solar system all have polar openings and hollowed out centers. NASA even has indirectly admitted that Saturn has a hole at its pole based on its infrared finding of a vortex storm that cannot be held in place without a polar opening depression. This is NASA’s sneaky way of delivering half-truths while willfully withholding the other far more revealing half-truth that it too like the earth also has polar openings.

The colorful auroral displays at the poles have yet to be explained by the solid earth scientists, yet are easily understood when ions pouring out from the polar openings collide with the solar ions in the earth’s magnetosphere and the varying colors correspond with the various ionized gases hydrogen, oxygen, helium and nitrogen. Also contributing to this phenomenon are the light waves emanating from the earth’s inner sun. The insanity of continuing to cover-up and deceive us has the so-called “real” scientists in a conundrum trying to explain the Aurora Borealis instead of simply and honestly accepting the truth that would enhance all our lives except those connected to deep state fraud and criminality. The earth’s powerbrokers know that if the truth be known of their massive cover-up, their cabal would be forcibly overthrown and their rigid control over us would come to a screeching halt.

Three years ago a study confirmed that a giant ocean of water lays 254 miles (410 km) deep into the mantle below the earth’s surface. The inner ocean that’s believed to be 155 miles (250 km) deep could supply much of the ocean water at the earth’s surface. Subduction zones are conduits connecting the outer and inner oceans. Perhaps unwittingly this scientific study suggests that the far side of that inner layer of ocean could be the same ocean belonging to the inner world where both ocean and landmass supporting a different race inhabits.

A team of scientists from Harvard believes that they have found an ancient earth inside our earth. They theorize this earth inside ours may be the remnants dating back 4.5 billion years ago prior to the collision of a planet-sized body that resulted in the moon breaking off from our earth. It’s believed that the hemisphere on the other side of this ancient inner earth may not have melted and therefore still remains intact inside our current earth. This finding may also inadvertently support an inner world.

In still another recent discovery Italian scientists believe that 70% of the earth heat is generated from within its center. They conclude that there is a sun underneath the surface of our planet. Scientists have also determined that the earth’s core is as hot as the sun’s surface. So we have found three separate studies all operating independent of each other that confirm that an inner ancient world, an ocean and a sun all exist inside our earth. All these latest scientific breakthroughs in science inadvertently support an inner world.

Clearly there is increasing evidence that modern science, in its rare, honest form, is catching up to the wisdom of the ancient cultures. Twentieth century Nazis and twenty-first century Illuminati are well aware of this merging between modern science and ancient occult wisdom, except their Modus Operandi has been to use it selfishly to gain evil power and control over humanity. Today we the global masses have a unique opportunity to bridge and integrate knowledge and truth by synthesizing modern technology with ancient wisdom for the greater good of all humanity. It’s our responsibility to harness and impart this knowledge and wisdom to uplift and enrich all of our lives.

More than any other single source of smoking gun evidence comes when we can readily see with our own eyes, thanks to orbiting satellite photographs taken since 1968. They clearly show a gaping concave hole over the North Pole. And as much as NASA consistently tries to black out the hole, obscure or remove it from public access and awareness, hundreds of pictures and videos are out there that clearly show the polar opening. There is ample visual evidence available to absolutely prove that the hollow earth theory is indeed reality.

Virtually all civilizations throughout human history from ancient to modern times have independently made references to the hollow earth and its human-like inhabitants. A common historical theme amongst ancient cultures is the belief that the inner earth core becomes the repository for departed spirits. For instance, searching for answers about eternal life, Gilgamesh, the king of Babylonian and Sumerian tradition, traveled to the bowels of the earth to consult with his ancestor Utnapishtim. From Greek mythology comes Eurydice trapped in the underworld Hades, nearly rescued by her brave but not quite patient enough lover Orpheus. Christianity speaks of Hell being inside the earth. Mongolian tribes believe that tunnels at earth’s surface link to the subterranean world. Both Buddhism and Hinduism embrace the concept of the hollow earth as the two religions refer to Shambhala as the capital of the interior world. Writers attribute the Tibetan name “Agharti” (strikingly similar to Aghartha) to mean the underground kingdom at the center of the earth.

Based on his research, BBC journalist Michael Wood believes that Shambhala lies buried somewhere beneath the Himalayan Mountains. This spiritually advanced inner world is believed to contain entrances not only at the Poles but also includes tunnels connecting to the earth’s surface in various sacred places like the Tibetan capital Lhasa, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Italy’s Mount Epomeo, California’s Mount Shasta, Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave and Brazil’s Mato Groso. Even the Bermuda Triangle as a vortex point has a link to the inner world.

Over the last several centuries the belief in the hollow earth theory has persisted, at various times coming into wider popular acceptance. As one example, based on the persuasive efforts of John Cleves Symmes, in 1822 President John Quincy Adams was ready to sign off on lending federal sponsorship to an Arctic expedition exploring the polar opening. It was shot down by Congress and Quincy’s incoming successor Andrew Jackson also poo pooed the idea, figuring fighting off the central banksters was more urgent and important, which he successfully did. Of course the hollow earth has long been embedded in our artistic folklore and imaginations through such works as Jules Verne’s classic Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Famous scientists and mathematicians have also believed that the earth is hollow and that the interior supports life. In 1692 renowned English scientist Edmund Halley who discovered Halley’s Comet and made valuable contributions to geophysics, mathematics, astronomy and meteorology proposed that the earth was hollow. Eighteenth century mathematical genius Leonard Euler even calculated the size of the inner earth sun to be 600 miles in diameter.

A writer named William Reed published a book called Phantom of the Poles in 1906 based on available Arctic explorer records and scientific research at the time. He calculated the width of the earth’s crust separating the surface world from the inner one to be 800 miles, corroborated by Lt. Col. Woodard’s more recent testimony. Reed stated that the distance from pole to pole of the hollow interior was 6,400 miles. His summary of the earth’s interior:

The Earth is hollow. The Poles, so long sought, are phantoms. There are openings at the northern and southern extremities. In the interior are vast continents, oceans, mountains and rivers. Vegetable and animal life are evident in this New World, and it is probably peopled by races unknown to dwellers on the Earth’s surface.

His description closely parallels Admiral Byrd’s later observations.

Despite the persistent popularity and findings of the hollow earth, unfortunately as science and technology took hold in the twentieth century, America’s so-called century, dogma and rigidity have taken over to exclusively push the solid globular ball paradigm. But as much as the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have violently dominated and suppressed this alternative world view, Antarctica is at the cutting edge forefront, by the day drawing more global attention from truth seekers around the world. Meanwhile, 2016 having thoroughly exposed the crime cabal, now increasingly on the defensive in its feeble effort to censor and withhold the truth, their age of deception is coming to a swift end. The truth about the Antarctic discoveries is about to set us free. As citizens of the world, we hereby are emancipating ourselves from the globalists’ old system of robotic slavery and demonic control. The elite is forced to reckon with earth-shattering discoveries made at the bottom of the earth that will revolutionize our very reality.


If there’s anyone who should know the truth about the poles, and whether there’s an opening at each one, it’s Admiral Richard Byrd. Though deep state muzzled him from full disclosure, in his 60 year absence his legacy leaves us with plenty of hints of the truth, strongly confirming that something grand exists beyond those poles that through his heroic firsthand experience he graciously shared what he could with us. Admiral Byrd saw what his own criminal government did to his honorable friend James Forrestal, and after losing his own men while losing a UFO battle at the South Pole, it was no stretch for him to conclude that Antarctica may well become the next major World War III battlefield. All these years later it appears his warning could come to pass.

The likelihood of yet another engineered, epic-sized false flag crisis, pitting aliens against us humans, could be coming sooner than later. The decades-old underground war with so called aliens is about to surface. The Nazi UFO foothold down under the planet really never left us, it only merged with the current Illuminati crime cabal. And once again they’re on the offensive with a planned so called ET attack on humans.

An open question, if a sizeable population of Nazis did reach the hollow earth using advanced knowledge for all the wrong reasons, how does that square with the hypothesized spiritually advanced race that’s inhabited earth’s inner chamber for eons of time? Or has their power of goodness and love tamed the evil hearts of the Nazis?

In the meantime, let’s take a snapshot of the last 100 years to concretely illustrate how we arrived at the precipice at this moment. The globalist agenda has been to gain absolute control over humanity using its debtor-slave central banking system, savagely raping and looting nations and populations, by calculated diabolical design, orchestrating history’s two deadliest world wars with a third on the way, manipulating every economic depression and recession in a thoroughly rigged, crumbling financial system, and increasingly abusing and violating us with unprecedented invasive electronic surveillance in order to usher in its sinister NWO Malthusian con job of a one world government tyranny and control. Misusing Tesla’s free energy technology for destructive military ends only, rather than liberate humanity, the ruling elite has instead chosen to further enslave us through oil war addiction for greedy profit and hegemonic, centralized control.

Rather than eradicating disease, the elite engages in suppression of cancer cures feeding a corrupt, Rockefeller-controlled Big Pharma-healthcare monopoly, poisoning us through mandatory killer vaccines, fluoride in our water, heavy metal aerosols in our air, soil, water, lungs and brains, while maintaining a nonstop policy of war exclusively to benefit the military industrial security prison complex profiteers who loathe us and want us dead or dying, all the while deploying a 24/7 mind control propaganda machine, feeding an insatiable greed that guarantees maximum absolute power, authority and control over the global masses. Currently an international crime cabal rules over every national government using the ultra-effective “divide and conquer” strategy for status quo, low maintenance, keeping us ignorantly weak by fighting, blaming, fearing and hating each other, perpetrating state-sponsored “endless war of terrorism” inflicting fear and death for population control, fanning the flames of a West vs. East cold war machine igniting WWIII, and committing organized crime on an epic scale that controls virtually all international drug trafficking, global child sex trafficking and global money laundering. This is the abysmally sad and pathetic world we’re currently living in – the Orwellian nightmare of total deception in the name of global genocide.

But 2016 has not gone according to the globalist plan. After the Brexit defeat and US election loss due to a growing worldwide populist movement that’s rejecting globalism, still reeling and on the defensive, realizing their MSM “fake news” is no longer fooling the people finally waking up to the crime cabal reality, the planetary rulers are now preparing us for their next staged event, a partial ET disclosure that will try selling us on the “need” for protection that can only be delivered by a one world government, fighting off humanity’s worst “common enemies” – the ravages of climate change [hoax] and hostile alien takeover [hoax]. And that’s where all this Antarctica secrecy comes in and is going.

They’re about to warn us of the impending evil “reptilian” invasion bent on conquering and colonizing us earthlings. Recall globalist Buzz Aldrin’s tweet warning us of the evil down under. But remember, it’s all simply another deceitful variation of the same as the old boss. Let us not be duped by the globalist pope who’s co-opting with the “good ET’s” to reformulate a one world religion selling our spiritual salvation. Or Francis sending his sidekick Patriarch Kirill to exorcize the evil forces down under with the globalist brand of holy blessing. As we enter 2017, the doomsday controllers have all their bases covered, locked and loaded and ready to go as they always have. Just as they back every handpicked presidential Republican vs. Democrat puppet to polarize, distract and divide us, they always back both sides to every one of their manufactured wars, and this one against the reptilians is no different. They’re highly skilled at stringing us along with lies and half-truths, forever instilling duality and confusion into their dumbing down equation to seize maximum, cluelessly brainwashed control.

As long as the globalists manage to divide and rule over us through the dichotomy of good guy versus bad guy, God vs. Satan, good ET vs. bad ET, good religion vs. bad religion, good nation vs. bad nation, real fake news vs. bad true news, they will forever be playing us for the blinded, ignorant fools we’ve been for never learning our history lesson, doomed to repeat the same mistake, mindlessly reacting to their same old con game ad nauseam. We are now seeing the elite’s last desperate, deceitful ploy to frantically try and retain its full diabolical power and control through more sleight of hand deception.  But this time we must not be fooled again with “same as the old boss” syndrome.

Head of the Disclosure Project Dr. Steven Greer, who’s gathered an immense body of evidence about UFO’s and extraterrestrials for over two decades, also believes that the current rogue government is planning a Third World War with so called aliens from outer space. Greer believes that the so called reptilian and grays are all black ops creations and that there are no evil ET’s, citing the simple logic that if there were, their advanced superiority militarily and technologically would have destroyed humans a long time ago. Instead, Dr. Greer foresees a fast approaching day when, like virtually every war a false flag operation is now in the making where deep state will stage a fake alien invasion using black ops technology and crisis actors playing their assigned role, complete with military intelligence operatives acting as their handlers. Recall that Lt. Col. Billie Faye Woodard said that the US government has been abducting children and programming and training them for this very role.

Steven Greer asserts that ever since 1953-1956 the Washington crime cabal has been planning and preparing for the eventual outcome of a fake interplanetary war with an evil ET civilization. The words from a 1955 speech by General Douglas MacArthur, a 33 degree Freemason, who had spent his entire life in the military and was an insider if there ever was one stated:

The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.

So for over six decades this coming war has been in the works. Halfway along in 1987, Reagan even copped to it:

I occasionally think how our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.

The elite always counted on using a common enemy to unite the world nations into a one world government. And the big interstellar war has always been their ace in the hole. Fearing that the globalists have been exposed like never before, they are fast tracking the alien invasion for 2017. They’re now realizing that critical mass has been reached, and the pedophilia story cannot be swept under the carpet by MSM fake news. And since the majority, or close to a majority, of those at the highest rungs of power in this world are deranged, satanic worshipping pedophiles, represented by the near four decades of nonstop Bush-Clinton-Obama reign of terror, they know that their jig’s up.

The Illuminati realize that maintaining their enslavement of humanity by owning and controlling their morally challenged puppets they groom and hand pick into power and then wield control over through blackmail and death threats, they know those days are finally over. They’re on the run. We need a tsunami to drain the global swamp of perverse muck and vile darkness to wash away their entrenched rotten filth that’s parasitically been sucking the lifeblood out of the human race for far too many centuries. Let 2017 be the year that together we take down the cabal and take back our planet before they completely destroy it. While this year the elitists lose their grip, they’ll be throwing everything in their demonic power at us. So let the wisdom of truth and justice be our faithful guide to peace, safety and salvation.

Joachim Hagopian

Joachim Hagopian

Writer, investigative journalist

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at