For the starseeds, walk-ins, light workers, etc.

There has been a huge increase in crop circles, since July last year.
What are they? What is the reason?
Kabamur Taygeta (and channels from the Pleiadian Collective) explain the purpose of Crop Circles below:
‘Crop Circles are created by cloaked crafts and can only be made where there are giant crystals underground. They are examples of Sacred Geometry.
Like all craft sightings, lights, and strange sounds, these patterns are meant to prompt more questions, to speed up our awakening.
The craft that leaves the pattern is leaving a charge of energy that other passing crafts can later use.
Another important thing about these patterns, is that they are showing the designs of Pleiadian Motherships in different ways. Ext or Int structure or a design motif within.’
Channelled information from the Pleiadian Collective about Crop Circles:
This Is How Many Are Paving The Way To Disclosure!
These Are Our Arcturian Friends Playing And Designing Art Work.
They Enjoy This So!
To Give Messages To Their Own Races Living Here And To Make Their Presence Known. Most appearing lately are Arcturian.
Friends Of Earth!
I Am Closer Than You Can Perceive In This Moment.
There Have Been Many Inquiries About Crop Circles And Their Endless Formation That Has At Last Drawn The Attention Of Many.
The First That I Will Address Is The Purpose For The Crop Circles.
These Are Messages For Those Races That Are Flying In Crafts Around The Planet At All Moments.
We Also Use Them As Frequency Placement For Energy Transmissions From Beneath The Earth To Crafts And Replenishment From Crafts To Ground.
Much As You Would Understand A Service Station To Fill A Car With Gasoline And At The Same Time Having A Large Vehicle Arrive To Fill The Tanks.
This Is An Ongoing Operation.
The Area Beneath Each Crop Circle Or Design Is Buried Massive Quartz Crystals.
We Have Shared With You That These Crystal Placements Are All Over The Planet And A Prime Area Is Sedona, Arizona.
This Is What We Share Is The Heart Of The Event.
We Remind All Beings That Current Location Is Not A Factor In The Shift. We Have This Covered.
We Will Explain Further The Method Of Crop Design Manifestation.
The Design Has Never Been Placed From The Surface, But Always From Below.
This Is Done By Activation Of Vibrational Frequency From Above To The Crystals Which Then Produce The Programmed Design.
The Design Is Planned By The Particular Race Or Family And Upon Arrival At The Location, The Connection Is Made To The Crystals To Complete Activation.
Crystals Are Living Entities With Consciousness. They Are Always Communicating With All Life.
We Have Used Them Since Our Creation.
In The Moment Of Activation, Our Technology Can Bypass What You Call Time Space Reality And Bring To The Present The Truth Of Only NOW.
In This Moment Of Now, The Pattern Of Crop Circle Design Activates From Below And Remains.
The Group Leaving The Design Then Leaves And Others Flying Over Get Coded Messages As Well As Getting A Huge Boost Of Energy And Frequency From The Area Of Design As It Is Placed Above Crystals.
We Are Amused And Delighted That You Have Enjoyed Our Creations In Each Life Story.
We Now Share Our Truth!
Soon You Will Know Much More!
In Light We Remain!
– Pleiadian Collective –
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