Distilled Water

What is distilled water?

It is water in its purest form, it contains nothing. As the sun heats the oceans and the steam rises to form clouds all the salt and impurities are left behind. As more and more steam evaporates into clouds they become heavy and it starts to rain, this rain is distilled water.  Unfortunately with all the pollution in the air today the rain that falls is not so pure and is loaded with toxins. A steam-distilled water machine works the same way as nature. You add water to a boiler place it in the machine and as the water boils killing all bacteria and parasites the steam rises leaving behind all impurities.

Why distilled water is the healthiest water for your body

Benefits of drinking distilled water will hydrate and replenish the body that is 60-70% water. As distilled water travels through your body it absorbs inorganic minerals that have built up in the joints and organs over the years, flushing them out of your body. Your body will feel lighter, healthier and have a lot more energy. The people that claim distilled water leaches minerals from their bodies are both right and wrong.

Right, distilled water will leach harmful inorganic minerals and to