Are vaccinated people emitting Bluetooth MAC ID’s?

Instructions for using Android smart phones to detect Bluetooth MAC IDs

For those who have android, some ways to unlock are different so you can always search by the magnifying glass on top right. Here’s how to see codes on Android only:
  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to about phone
  3. Find build number
  4. Tap on build number 7 times-developer option will be unlocked
  5. Go into developer options and look for a setting- show bluetooth devices without names
  6. Restart your phone
  7. Scan for Bluetooth devices by clicking the scan button or clicking on and off of the Bluetooth icon.
  8. Bluetooth in public around people you know that have taken the vaccination and watch their numbers come and go as they do.  You can also take a known vaccinated person to an isolated area where no devices come up when you scan such as a rural field or forest to test. Ensure they do not have any electronic devices on them (phone, watch, etc.), and watch the codes appear as they get within 60-200 ft from you.
  9. Take screenshots and document what comes codes up and then enter the codes into a MAC ID vendor lookup.  If they are human codes, they will come up as .
The codes look like this: