The Sun is not what you have been told. It is not a ball of fire or that is burning millions of degrees. It is a electromagnetic portal that inducts & conducts electromagnetic light from one dimension to another. Our sun is in our atmosphere and rotates on a axis point with our moon. To believe our sun is 93 million miles away is a ridiculous and outlandish lie.

Eric Dollard speaks about the sun is a transformer and is a interdimensional portal.

From photographer Jason Guenza:

“A recent picture I shot, using a backyard solar telescope, reveals the twisted detail of the Sun’s magnetic field.

I shot this image using the equipment listed below. While editing my results, I just kept pushing harder and harder into the details of the solar chromosphere. The chromosphere is a visible layer of hydrogen plasma which aligns itself with local magnetic field lines. As I ventured further down this road it became clear that the end result becomes somewhat of a visualization of this field. Plus, it just looks pretty cool.

This walks the line between science into art, perhaps blurring it a bit. What do you think?”


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Explore Scientific AR152
Daystar Quark Chromosphere
Celestron AVX
1250/5000 stacked

— Jason Guenza 📸🔭


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