January 18, 2021

by, Allita Wolf Eyes

Last night I felt compelled to read the final chapter, of a book that I wrote in 2009. The book is entitled: “FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT: THE ADVENTURERS GUIDE TO THE RABBIT HOLE.” As I read this last chapter, I realized that I was reading about now. I was reading about The Great Awakening, and the phenomenon of Ascension. Although these are not the terms I used in the book, the process of transition is clearing described. As I read, I felt Myself inspired, uplifted and comforted. I would like to offer you this chapter, in hopes that it will inspire, uplift, and comfort you as well.

The year prior to the writing of the book, I was receiving rapid downloads at all hours of the day and night. So that I could easily keep up with the influx of information, I placed a jar of sharpies in My bathroom. When I received a download it was convenient for Me, particularly in the wee hours of the morning, to just rush in, and start writing on the bathroom wall. After a year, I looked at My bathroom and realized I had a book. This is why you will notice, the beginning of the chapter I am about to present, begins with a thought from My bathroom wall. Also, the pictures accompanying this post, are pictures of those walls. Having to sell My condo, I wanted to keep a record of the experience, and the mystical origins of the book.

I particularly like the statement, “THE BATTLE IS OVER!”, as I believe that it speaks to the fact, that indeed, it is done. We have already won. We are now just walking it through.

When I finished reading this chapter last night, it came to My attention that the number of the chapter was twenty-one. I wondered if this could possibly mean, that this process of ascension that we are currently engaging in 2020, could reach a pivotal tipping point in the year 2021.

Of course this remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I extend to you, CHAPTER 21. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. My sincerest desire, is that if you choose to read it, it will feed you and help sustain you during these times. Where we go one, we go all. Deep appreciation and love to ALL. 🙂 <3

  1. The Moment of Truth

There is no one on earth, whose optimum destiny is mediocrity.

Thoughts From My Bathroom Wall

We live in interesting times. These are times of revelation, transformation and transition. We are being called backward to an ancient mysticism, that is being resurrected into consciousness, by a new forward thinking science: quantum physics. And the time is right.

There is weariness amongst the people. Having explored materialism and consumerism to their outer most boundaries, they have become exhausted by the struggle of competitive pursuit. There is a growing awareness, that if we are to continue to survive and evolve, there must emerge from within us, a new worldview, a new spirituality, a new way of beingness. The pursuit of the material, for the sake of the material, has left us feeling wanting and hungry. The belief that there is no more in the Universe than meets the eye, has left us feeling lonely and alienated. Because of this, once again, fundamental questions about the reason for our existence are being asked. Not only by those who would seek answers in Holy Scriptures, but also by those who would seek answers in pristine laboratories. We have become questioning magnets, and the Law of Attraction is responding, by revealing more of the answers that we seek. These answers are beginning to formulate a hybrid of understanding, that combines the teachings of the ancient secret mystery schools, with contemporary discoveries, which are creating a new paradigm of Magickal Science, or Scientific Magick. No longer can anyone look at the sacred ancient teachings, and refute them as being wishful or fantastical thinking. Now when the Magician says, “All is One; the Universe is Mind”, the quantum physicist says, “As you have spoken, so mote it be.”

Here we are, witnessing the wheels of an old paradigm, based on scarcity and separation, grinding ever more slowly to what hopefully, is an inevitable halt, while the wheels of a new paradigm, based on abundance and connectedness, are gathering speed as they mobilize us into our next evolution. But the old is still with us, and the new has not yet been fully born. The old permeates society on all levels, and the new is not yet common knowledge. And so we are a world, caught between worlds, a civilization in a state of flux.

Our Earth too, is in a state of flux. She also is displaying symptoms, that indicate She has grown weary of our tireless consumerism, and our competitive, as opposed to co-creative way, of using Her resources. She still has much to give, but She is telling us that we need to find more respectful ways, of utilizing Her resources. Ways that demonstrate, we are mindful of our interconnectedness with Her.

Both the Earth and Her people, are dissatisfied and uneasy with how things have been, and continue to be. The contrast between this dissatisfaction, and dreams of a new reality that can be born from the new knowledge that we are discovering, is bringing us to a threshold that can launch us successfully into a new era: a new millennium of potentiality and possibility. This in effect, is our moment of truth.

But this world between worlds, this world between the old and the new, is an uncomfortable place, for we, the collective living organism, to be. It is like a tug of war, with the old pulling us back into stagnation by its resistance and fear, and the new calling us forward by its wonder, and promise of a better way and a better day. This is indeed a difficult place, not only for the collective, but for each individual within that collective: those who are becoming more and more, conscious and aware. Just as the collective has become a rope in this tug of war, so has the individual. And this global moment of truth, for many, is a personal moment of truth as well.

Those who are the pioneers, at the forefront of this new paradigm that is gaining momentum, are feeling the pulling effect of this state of flux, most intensely. The battle for the macrocosm, is fought on the front lines of the microcosm. People raised and programmed by the old paradigm, are challenged to change their world view, and self view, on the conscious, sub-conscious, cellular, molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels of their own existence. This in a world, where the largest portion of the population, are not yet privy, to the existence and dynamic of the new paradigm. And yet, it is these very pioneers, upon which the future depends for it’s unfolding, into the new frame of reference, that may well be the seed of our further salvation.

You are one of these pioneers. And because you have been awakened, to the possibilities inherent in the new paradigm, you are feeling the tug of war most intensely, as you seek to manifest the new truth, in a world still very much steeped, in an old falsehood. For you, “the moment of truth” may on some days feel as if, it is each successive moment, of every minute, of every hour. You are faced with having to be, conscious and deliberate, about every thought you think, and every choice you make. You cannot yet afford the luxury, of believing, that left to its own devices, your mind will naturally manifest the new paradigm. So much of your programming, still has roots in the old. The more committed you are to the new paradigm, the more aware you become of the presence of the old paradigm, and how it takes up space in your psyche, in an undesirable way.

You may find, that you spend some lengthy enjoyable periods, dancing in the new paradigm, only to wake up one morning, feeling as if you have crashed back into the old paradigm, with no apparent good reason. You may find, that there are times when you are dancing, with the old and new simultaneously, somehow managing to balance the two, albeit precariously. And, there may be some moments of truth, in which for the sake of your own sanity, you just must say, “Forget about it.” And that is all right.

It is not easy being a cosmic pioneer. It is not easy, being the one out of many, that would capture a vision, which catapults you from the monochromatic accepted mediocrity, into a high voltage experience of individuated destiny. It is not easy, being a person who chooses to follow this muse, on the basis of radical beliefs, that to the current majority may seem, not only odd, but perhaps even heretical and ludicrous. This is why there are still so many, who have not yet chosen this path. It is disconcerting, and uncomfortable. Because at this time, great numbers have not yet driven a wedge into the collective, so that others may follow, resistance on every level is quite palatable. At this time in history, in this world between the worlds, the path you have chosen, is definitely one of the explorer, the adventurer, the risk taker, the maverick, the pioneer. The current global moment of truth, does depend greatly, on your own personal moment, or moments of truth. It depends greatly, on how you choose to exercise your will in those moments. Your positive choices are the counter balance, to the negative choices being made by so many in the world. Your positive thoughts and intentions, counter balance the negative thoughts and intentions, of the unaware, and unconscious people around you. You are an integral part of a force, that is keeping the negativity from totally consuming the world, in a vacuum of hopelessness, which lacks vision. And because of this, you are a leader in a world that desperately needs to be led at this time.

You are part of the wedge, that is now being driven into the collective, that will make it easier for those that follow, to see their way into the future. A future which the new paradigm, is carving out for our species, and this planet.

Yes this is a tall order. But hopefully, because of you and others like you, ours will be the only generation that has to experience the discomfort of the tug of war. The tug of war between what has been, and what is coming into being. Because of you, our children, and our children’s children, will find their way much more easily. To carve a path for future generations, is a most noble calling. You have chosen this calling for yourself, and as such, you are fully equipped to take on its challenges. You would not have called this challenge, this path of the pioneer unto yourself, had it not been what you wanted, and what you needed, to further your own spiritual development: thus increasing your joy as a Divine entity.

It is with this knowledge, that you can find solace, when in certain moments of truth you feel faint of heart, and seeking respite. You can also take comfort in the fact, that although the numbers of those who join you may seem few, as compared to the general population, they are still nonetheless, many. You are definitely not alone. By virtue of the Law of Attraction, it needs be that the new paradigm, is in a continuous state of increase. This in accordance with the Universe, and its natural proclivity for expansion. Daily, more are being called to rise above mediocrity, and express their optimum destiny, as they are being awakened by a Spirit that is unrelenting in its intention, to experience and express, its own magnificence. Sophia, Wisdom, will not be stifled in Her efforts to make Herself known, to a world that so urgently needs Her guidance, at this time. She will utilized every avenue available to Her, to give opportunity for liberation, to all who are being held captive by the paradigm, that causes them pain and struggle, because of perceived limitation and isolation. It is wisdom that leads the scientist, by his own desire, into the next phase of discovery, and understanding. It is wisdom the leads the artist, the poet, the writer, the seer, the visionary, and all those that have influence on the masses. Look closely. More and more you will recognize the Universe, utilizing all manner of popular culture, to subtly reveal deeper mysteries, to those who have been internally preparing, to see and hear them.

Take comfort in knowing you are being supported, by an inspiration that is rising up through the collective, into the heart of humanity. It is rising up around humanity, through the hearts of those who have already been awakened. You of course, are one such heart.

Will we all get it in time? Will enough people recognize the moment of truth that is currently upon us, and heed its call to accelerated self-knowledge before it is too late? Will negativity consume the collective, before we have had the opportunity to rise above mediocrity, and manifest our unified optimum destiny? Are these questions even relevant in a paradigm, that knows we are energy, that energy is infinite and eternal, and that it can never be destroyed, only transmuted? Can negativity consume a collective, that was born out of a Universal mind, that is continuously expanding and evolving, and whose natural state is one of joy? Can anything disrupt a timetable that was orchestrated, by an intelligence that is so beyond our understanding, we unmask our inadequacy every time, we try to label or identify it? No and no.

Regardless of what events may occur during the process, the process of successful movement into the new paradigm will occur. The “How” of it is beyond our understanding, and also none of our concern. Ours is to be concerned with the “What” of it, leaving the “How”of it to the Universe. Even in this matter of the quantum leap, that will take us into the next phase of our development on a global scale: even in this, we must trust the Universe with the “How”.

Which brings us back to your own personal moment of truth, and its importance in the grand scheme of things. You may not understand the “How” of the big picture. But rest assured. Your faithfulness to your own moment of truth, is in some way a part of the overall unfolding. Indeed, your participation IS the very unfolding. For your moments of truth are those of the Universe. There is no separation between, the Observer and the Observed. You and the Universe, are together the great I Am. And it is in this, that we find our greatest peace, and assurance of victory, in the midst of these interesting times.

And what have the rabbits to say, about this moment of truth? Not much. Their expectations, and their faith that these expectations will be met, remain as they always have been. The sun will continue to rise and set. The moon will continue to go through its cycle, from full, to dark, to full again. The seasons will continue to change, from winter, to spring, to summer, to fall, and back to winter again. And, there will always be enough greenery, for all to eat and be satisfied. So mote it be.