January 18, 2021

by, Allita Wolf Eyes

Transhumanism, is a misguided attempt at elevating human consciousness, and immortalizing man. But man is already an immortal entity, and consciousness is not material, so it can not be elevated by machine.

Clearly, the proponents of transhumanism, are seeking Divine nature, without the Divine. You can not become, that which you deny exists.

This is what makes transhumanism, a Luciferian agenda. It seeks to be light, without light. It is  darkness, descending into an even deeper darkness.

Such self-serving agendas, born out of arrogance, the pride of life, and the worship of the material world as “God”, eventually extinguishes the Divine spark within, thus leaving a shell, that is unsouled.

Transhumanism is not super humanism, as we might be led to believe. It is dehumanization. It is an attempt to separate humanity completely, from the powerful truth of who it is we really are:  Beings with complete sovereignty and dominion, able to create reality by molding the energy of the quantum field, via focused and directed thought.

The complete control of humanity, will be the complete technolization of the human body, thus rendering it ever enslaved to the material world, and leaving the mind oblivious to its own unfathomable creative power.

We must not succumb to this seduction. We are greater than this. We do not need technology to Ascend. We already have the organic technology. It is called DNA.