A mudra is performed to direct energy flow through the body for different purposes like healing the body or calming the mind. The entire body can be used as a mudra,but the most common form is the hand, or Hasta (hand) Mudra. Each finger holds the essence of the basic elements: Fire (thumb), Air (index finger), Aether (middle finger), Earth (ring finger) and Water (pinky finger). Using these elements within the body, directs the flow of energy to the brain, stimulates different emotions, creates spiritual connections and reactions in the body. The hands hold an innate healing power that has been used for centuries to heal various ailments. Hand positioning has the ability to influence energy flow of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Mudras help to link the brain and body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change the mood and increase the vitality. ‘Mudra’, is a Sanskrit word that means a symbolic hand gesture that has the power
of producing joy and happiness. It has been proven that regular practice of mudras not only contributes to overall good health but can be used as a preventive measure as well. The hands are a link between individual spiritual force and THE Universal Cosmic force/word of The ONE Creator. There are close to 400 mudras. Below are the key mudras that benefit the sungazing technique.

Vayu Mudra: The gesture of air

This mudra relates to the Air element. It is important to do this mudra with the fingers of the hand held straight and not curved and with the thumb touching the side of the index finger (holding the fingers curved with just the thumb touching the index finger is a powerful mudra and draws positive forces). When practiced regularly this mudra helps eliminate excess gas/air related problems like gout, flatulence, constipation. It helps in diseases like arthritis, neck pain, trembling in Parkinson’s disease, paralysis and cervical spondylitis. To perform this mudra just fold the index finger, and press the second phalanx bone with the tip of the thumb, and the tip of the index finger should touch the base of the thumb.

Shuni or Shoonya Mudra: The gesture of aether

This mudra relates to the element of aether. This mudra is used to improve intuition, alertness, and sensory powers. It also purifies your emotions and thoughts.
To perform this mudra just hold the thumb lightly touching the middle finger. The tip of the index finger should touch the base of the thumb, while keeping the other three fingers straight and relaxed.

Privthi Mudra: The gesture of earth

This Mudra relates to the Earth element. This mudra is used to improve bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, internal organs, improves digestive
power, increases blood circulation, develops vitality and aids in removing vitamin deficiencies. It also reduces stress and weakness; produces stability, confidence,
strength and increases determination, self-esteem and confidence. It also directs individuals towards greater spirituality. To perform this mudra touch the thumb lightly touching the finger nail of the ring finger, while keeping the other three fingers straight and relaxed.

Suraya Mudra: The fire hand gesture

This Mudra relates to the fire element. Practice of Surya mudra helps to maintain
the body-temperature and keeps the metabolism going. It is a very powerful mudra
with significant healing capacity. It increases the fire element in the body and
reduces the earth element. It also helps dissolve excess fat in the body, quickens
digestion, boosts metabolism & immune system, controls low BP and regulates the
thyroid gland.
To perform this mudra touch the thumb lightly touching the last knuckle joint of the
ring finger, while keeping the other three fingers straight and relaxed.

Varun Mudra: The gesture for water

This Mudra relates to the Water element. Water is the biggest element of the human body and that is what this mudra works on. It prevents all diseases which come due to the lack of water or any kind of dryness. This mudra when performed anytime during the day helps balance the elements related to the tongue and taste. It eliminates skin diseases, increases blood flow, and reduces muscle aches. To perform this mudra slightly touch the tip of the thumb with the little finger. The rest of the fingers can be left freely without any stress.



Hand pulsing is performed from the primary stance Uchihachiji-dachi (see stance above). If the practitioner prefers to walk or run it is important to include the Hand Pulsing (even without the primary stance). The first and last (The God that is THE ONE that Created everything IS the First and the Last) hand position done is with the hands held palms facing the chest, 2 hand lengths from the chest and 1 hand width apart. Both hands are relaxed and held so the arms are relaxed—as if the wrists are being held by another person (God!)—making the upper arms relax downwards allowing the elbows to point downwards (NOT

The first inbreath (for the correct breathing technique see the explanation at the start of the basic technique), of each set of 7, the energy is pulled in from the sun (from The True God) with the imagination through the crown chakra (Sahasrara) passing through the first 4 chakras (Shasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, and Anahata), pulling and centering the energy in the heart chakra (Anahata) filling it with the love and infinite compassion of The One True God that Created ALL and His Son Jesus Christ. Then with the out breath, from the heart chakra (Anahata), continue sending the energy out from the heart chakra, through the palms
of the hands down to the remaining 3 chakras (Manipura, Savadhisthana and Muladhara); thus spreading The Love, Compassion of The One True God and His Son (Jesus Christ) throughout the practitioners beingness in entirety. This connects the crown chakra with the One True God through the heart chakra (The Love and Compassion of his son JesusChrist), thus uniting the practitioner with the One True God and His Son; in service and humbleness.
The protocol then follows with the 5 Mudra hand positions in alignment and service to the One True God of ALL Creation & His Son (Jesus Christ). On the 7th breath the hands are returned to the starting hand position but now the pulse is reversed so that with the inbreath the focus brings up the energy with any misalignments through the aforementioned 3 lower chakras (cleansing them as it passes through), then up and into the heart chakra. The practitioner focuses on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, how this forgives ALL transgressions. With this focus, from the heart, the practitioner pulses on the out breath hard and quickly from the their entire beingness ANY and ALL misalignments (sins) back through the top 3 chakras (again cleansing as the energy passes) to the God that created ALL. Thus complete alignment and service to the One True God and His Son Jesus Christ is fulfilled. This cycle is continued for each set of 7 breaths.

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