The yearning many of us feel inside to ascend to higher densities/dimensions is not programming and deception.  It is an intrinsic feeling all souls have of remembering how it feels to be multi-dimensional.  How many of us haven’t at some point in our lives looked up in to the night-sky with this feeling that we just ‘want to go home’?  Some of us feel it more strongly than others that we are lost or sad, and in extreme cases even contemplate cutting life short.  Wes Penre argues that, its not necessarily that we don’t belong here on earth, we simply miss our abilities to be multi-dimensional where the whole Multiverse is our home.  Our direct connection from God or Source feels cut-off, and we feel trapped here with a life-time longing for freedom.

There are a lot of differing opinions on exactly what Ascension to 5D actually means.  Most agree however from a high level perspective, it is a spiritual awakening from the current 3D Matrix humanity has been experiencing for the last Great Year which is 25, 900 years.

25, 900 years is the length of a full earth cycle, when our solar system is in perfect alignment with the Galactic Centre and has completed a full cycle around the Milky Way galaxy.   Others say its 75,000 years, or even 500,00.  Either way, its a long time by earth’s standards.

For galactic ethusiasts, Penre, claims that The Pleiadian group wants to alert us that we have one chance in 26,000 years to break our chains, tune into the galactic boost of energy that is occurring to activate our dormant DNA, and enter into the Golden Age once again.

While some believe that transition to 5D includes Ascended Masters or Extra Terrestrials coming in the clouds to save us, most agree this is way off course.  Its rational to rule that out, when you realize that any Ascended Master or advanced civilization would have gained the same wisdom from their own ascension through their own trial and error, and that interfering with the ascension process of homo sapien sapiens (thinking humans) would in fact be detrimental.  There are lessons in 3D that are meant for us to learn individually and as a specie during our time here on earth to enable us to ascend together.

Penre also states that there is a common misconception that by ascending we are leaving our earthly bodies and physically going somewhere.  The ascension to 5D does not mean we are going to be beamed up somewhere.  That is not to say it couldn’t happen.  It simply means that the ascension process involves more of our DNA being activated, and remembering who we truly are; multi-dimensional beings.

In order escape the 3D Matrix, we must first become aware, that tit indeed exists.  This process starts with having the courage, desire, and inspiration to dive down some rabbit holes to start sorting out available information, for yourself.

This site is a great place to start, and you can find many great Beginner Rabbit Holes to explore here.  There are also much more advanced ones if you want to be adventurous. Everyone takes their own individual path and should do their own research based on whatever peaks their interest.  From there you simply let the information you find lead to the next item you want to know more about, and then the next, and the next.  The deeper you go, the closer you will get to ascension.

The path is not easy.  It takes effort and time and a willingness to let go of a lot of things you have been taught to believe to be true through conventional means (school, media, your social network, etc.).  You will almost definitively run into what is referred to as the ‘Dark Night of the Soul'(DNOTS) at some point.  I only mention it as you should be prepared for it.  It is best described an extremely uncomfortable feeling and happens as a result of extreme Cognitive Dissonance. Feelings of going crazy or being at odds with the people closest to you are not uncommon  The good news is, once you get through it (and there is no other way around it but through it), you will most likely experience a paradigm shift like nothing you have ever experienced.  Once this starts, you are well on your way to 5D Ascension and beyond.  If you can find another human being on the planet who wants to share in your quest, regard them dearly.

The following diagrams attempt to organize in a more simpler form, the levels which you will likely need to pass through to achieve 5D, both in the information you will need to process and the various states of consciousness that will likely transgress.  Everyone’s path is different, this is only a general reference.