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WARNING: If you are under the age of 18 years old, do not proceed as the ‘Red Pill’ videos contain adult content and can be disturbing to some viewers.  Age restrictions may vary depending upon location. View discretion is strongly advised. 
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What if someone told you without exaggeration, that almost everything you have been taught throughout your life was a lie?  You’d probably laugh and write that person off as a crazy conspiracy theorist, right?  Hang in there.  What if you were then asked to explain WHY you believe what you believe.  Would you have a good answer?  Would you say most of what you know comes from what you were taught in school, read in history books, heard on the TV, or what your parents told you?  Most of us would answer that question this way.

The Great Awakening (GA) refers to a renaissance of sorts that is currently happening across planet earth.  Due to the electronic age we are living in, access to technology, and the speed of which people can now connect and share information, the veil of secrecy can no longer be sustained.  People are coming out of their complacent slumber of mind control by the mainstream media en masse, and litterally ‘waking up’ to the truth of who we are as humans.  This GA in turn is creating an uprising of the general population against a global ruling class who have for too long, used humanity for their own gain.  We all awaken at different stages in our lives, exactly when we are meant to.  The assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, big tech censorship, Covid-19, vaccinations and the pharmaceutical drug cartel, crop circles, UFO’s, mass school shootings, Jeffrey Epstein’s island, are just some of the common gateway drugs or “red pills” that make us start asking questions.  Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum, understand that there is no right or wrong place or time to start.  If you have found yourself on this web site searching for answers, would it be too bizarre to consider that maybe you were meant to be here at this exact moment reading this?

Many people feel confused and lost when they first awaken. We have all been there.  They don’t know how or where to start, and there is so much disinformation floating around, they just don’t know who or what to believe anymore!  The media has become so censored that finding any useful alternative information is next to impossible.  A simple google search will turn up only links that confirm biased mainstream ideas, and you may be surprised to discover that a lot of information has been scrubbed from the internet intentionally, to prevent you from ever finding it.

To help you bypass the iron curtain of the media and big tech censorship, this site intends to archive as much truth as possible.  Below there is a list of videos below that are favourites among “truthers”.  They offer a range of topics and are helpful in easing you out of the matrix and into a new paradigm.  It won’t be easy and you may feel uncomfortable with what you see and hear.  We encourage you not to run from that.  That feeling is called ‘cognitive dissonance’ and occurs when your thoughts and beliefs contradict what you are seeing and hearing.  You literally “can’t beleive your eyes”!  The human brain wants to immediately reconcile that by finding something to confirm your pre-existing beliefs to relieve the stress it causes and go back to auto-pilot.  Try to avoid doing that.  Just watch and listen and set the new information aside in your mind  without judgement.  The further you dig and “go down the rabbit hole”, the easier it will be for your mind to sort out what is fact and fiction.  Truth is not something anyone should convince you of either.  It is your own hero’s journey that needs to be travelled and you should let it take you down the roads you feel led to go down.  The choice to know is your alone.

To get you started, we have compiled an ever growing list of ‘Red Pill’ videos and ‘Red Pill’ books for you to dive into.  There is an abundance of information contained in each.  We don’t proclaim any of it to be the absolute truth, but it is widely accepted by the truth community as being great places to start.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, want additional guidance, or discover any errors or broken links.