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(By Jonathan ExoPortail October 16, 2017)

The Archons came from the Andromeda galaxy, there are thousands and in some cases even millions of years. This does not mean that everyone from Andromeda is negative, in fact the Andromeda galaxy is famous for some of its heroes of the forces of the Light.

They created a virtual reality control system so that no one could escape. They have trapped light beings who have a connection with the Source, to feed this virtual creation.


The Main Archon Control Systems:

  1. Non physical implants are put to every human being. The first implants date from the time of Atlantis, we still have these implants in us, and they are the cause of the current system of beliefs. The details of the first layer of implants can not be disclosed at this time because the time has not come yet. This created a separate reality, which is the basis of the structure of the Matrix. We are still subject to this artificial structure. We have been, and still are today, in the imprisonment of reincarnation and this is an important part of programming.
  2. The second layer of implants was received at birth. This is one of the reasons we forget our past lives. All implants, of every birth we have had, are still present in us and every life we ​​do not remember is blocked by the layer of that specific incarnation.
  3. The third layer of programming is done by our parents during our childhood, and it is present in every childhood, every incarnation. It is the emotional and mental models that have been sown in us and that “provide” us with a basic form.
  4. The fourth programming layer was installed during our time at school. This programming also remains in the world of career and business, where we are so influenced in such a way that we are obliged to stay within the Matrix program. For example, in universities, the teaching of physics is more than 100 years old, quantum physics is ignored, or obsolete. Science has been infiltrated by intentional errors, to prevent humanity from waking up. Another example is the teaching of thermodynamics, which is designed in such a way that free energy seems impossible.
  5. The fifth layer of programming is done by the media, religions and organizations. This layer, for example, includes stipulating programs that everything about UFOs is considered madness.
  6. The Archon etheric grid : It is a grid that controls and manipulates human personal relationships for millennia. This grid is the cause of most human conflicts. This is the main reason for the delays in the final victory of the Light on this planet. It consists of Archons and their henchmen on the etheric and astral planes in a thin layer near the surface of the Earth. The Ethereal Archon Grid must be removed to a large extent for the Event to occur. In order for the forces of the Light to become more successful in removing the Ethereal Archon Grid, more awareness of its existence is needed within the entire population. The Ethereal Archon Grid (see pics below) has been around this planet for the past 26,000 years and has been greatly enhanced during the Archon of Congo invasion in 1996, when it was reinforced by many reptilian entities from our galaxy and also from the galaxy [of] Andromeda. At the end of 1995, the Archons were afraid that the Galactic Confederation would make a real contact with the population on the surface of this planet and they reinforced the grid to prevent this. The Archon etheric grid is present in a thin layer that extends 13.9 km upward in the sky from the surface profile of our planet and also 13.9 km down towards the surface of our planet in the Earth’s crust. The backbone of the Ethereal Archon Grid is a hyper-dimensional etheric worm hole black hole network that contains billions and billions of reptilian and amoeba entities. When the Galactic Central Sunlight strikes the wormholes, they spit out entities that in turn begin to attack all the beings of Light that they can find, those incarnated and those on the non-physical planes. This is the reason why many artisans of Light and Light warriors encounter energetic attacks. Non-physical Light forces can remove the released negative entities after a while and teleport them into the Galactic central sun, but until then generally some damage has already been done. Once again, if a greater awareness is present on what is really happening, the forces of the Light will be more effective in protecting us and removing these negative entities. The Ethereal Archon Grid is controlled by a very small group of Ethereal Archons who give orders to millions of Ethereal Draconians (Area Commanders) who give their orders to billions of reptilians (warriors) who give them their orders to amoebae (semi-conscious elementary beings who just obey orders without questioning them). The Archons control the grid with advanced etheric technology. The entire etheric plane within the 27.6 km layer controlled by the Archons is impregnated with chambers of strong electromagnetic fields that can distort the spatio-temporal structure according to the program of the etheric central computer that directs the flow of energy etheric throughout the world in order to control humanity as much as possible. These chambers detect all positive thoughts and emotions and if these are too powerful, the chambers send a signal to the etheric central computer which then reinforces the deformed electromagnetic field grid around the person who experiences positivity, the stopping effectively. If that’s not enough, they activate the other chambers of electromagnetic field with a low-frequency infrasound hum that represses the person, with additional electrical impulses sent into the solar plexus chakra to bypass the energy of the kundalini, stopping it as well. This is sometimes combined with intense electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person asleep or almost drugged. As well as that, strong negative thoughts are projected, which constantly bombs the spirit of the person. This is sometimes combined with intense electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person asleep or almost drugged. As well as that, strong negative thoughts are projected, which constantly bombard the spirit of the person. This is sometimes combined with intense electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person asleep or almost drugged. As well as that, strong negative thoughts are projected, which constantly bombard the spirit of the person.
  7. Each person incarnated in a parasite of amoeba energy attached to the region of the solar plexus, who tries to control the emotional life of that person. They also connect to other people’s amoeba parasites, orchestrating conflicts (see pic below).
  8. The technology of etheric infrasounds suppresses the frequency of human vibration. More than two-thirds of this technology was removed in 2012. Etheric scalar devices can produce physical infrasound that can be measured. In two independent measurements of the sound environment in nature, you can see that ambient infrasound up to 100 Hz rises to 35 dB above ambient noise in other frequencies. You can also see a curious ultrasonic peak at 10 kHz in one measurement and 15 kHz in the other. They correspond to the network of etheric ultrasound that scans brain activity (on pictures below). The intensity of infrasound and etheric ultrasound is to stay just below the threshold of hearing of an average human being to prevent people from getting curious about it and realize that something strange is going on . You can see that the graphical perception of human hearing is quite similar to the graphs (in the pics below). Some people are still able to hear infrasound and some even the ultrasound frequencies and many researchers call this the buzz of Taos. This hum was recorded with sound equipment and it looks like this:…/c2dbd730-5a9e-400d-8734…
  9. The Ethereal Archons transmit data from the etheric central computer to the physical Black Box which is in the possession of one of the main families of black Italian nobility and is connected to the Cabal’s physical central computer (” the Beast “) then linked to the central computers inside the NSA.

Archons on non-physical planes:

This control is still in place to a certain extent and is usually called the Matrix. On the etheric, astral and mental planes, control is maintained with space-time electromagnetic distortion chambers similar to those used in the Philadelphia experiment.
These chambers create the illusion of a closed-loop system that seems to be eternal and that’s why so few beings have been released / released / enlightened.
The Matrix is ​​managed by beings, called Archons (Greek for leaders).
These are beings who came from the Andromeda galaxy and chose to experience darkness.
They refused to reconnect with the Source. Through the millennia, they created the Reptilian and Draconian race through genetic manipulation to use them as warrior slaves and spread their dark empire. Planet Earth is the last planet in this dark empire to be liberated. There are very few remaining Archons on planet Earth.
On the etheric and astral planes, they are known as Lords of Karma. The Lords of Karma have nothing to do with the Ascended Masters. All the teaching about karma is an attempt to misinform the agents of the dark forces who infiltrated mystery schools in India millennia ago. The purpose of this teaching was to strengthen the control mechanisms of the caste system in ancient India.
They are the ones who, to a large extent, decide the life path of someone who incarnates. They choose our parents and, to a certain extent, determine our living conditions. This programming system is known as karma.
With advanced waveform generating technologies on the astral plane, they manipulate the astral currents of planetary energies and use them for evil astrological influences.
They maintain the distorted space-time structure with implants that created the black hole anomaly in the space-time thus harming the human mind and emotions.
Implants are programmable crystals that have been put into the mental, astral and etheric bodies of every human being on Earth with powerful electronic devices.
On the etheric plane and the lower astral plane, their draconian administrators maintain the artificial intelligence technology that supports the existing matrix.
They have a warning system if a being awakened creates a hole in this matrix with its light, the Draconians send a Reptilian warrior slave to exert pressure on the psychological weaknesses of this awakened being to lower his vibration and thus close this hole.
So these Reptilian warrior slaves constantly put pressure on the spirit and emotions of human beings incarnated on Earth to prevent their spiritual growth and to repress their struggle for freedom. If that’s not enough, they send elemental beings similar to amoebae that put extra pressure.
All these negative beings usually hide in the folds of the space-time structure distorted on the astral and etheric planes.
All physical and non-physical Reptilians, Draconians, Archons and all other dark entities have already been completely eliminated from the entire universe, galaxy and our solar system, except for a small layer on the surface of the planet, Earth.
All the Reptilians and other dark forces have already been completely erased from all underground military bases. These bases are now empty, and their entries sealed.
You can now find dark forces in the etheric plane and the lower astral plane (4th dimension) in a thin layer around the surface of the Earth, extending 13.9 kilometers in both directions. (Note ExoPortail: What I can confirm by my experience of a few hours on the etheric plane: Most of these entities tend to focus in heavily populated areas, there are very few entities where pure nature is preserved intact. These dark entities consist of a small group of Archons, a large group of Draconians, an even larger group of Reptilians, and a large number of amoeba-like elemental beings. There is a war going on now on the lower etheric and astral plane during which dark entities are being removed by nonphysical light warriors. This etheric and astral release operation is known as the “Pandora” code.
The Ethereal Archons are very allergic to certain things. First of all to the energy of Love, especially to love between a man and a woman. When they see a happy couple, they want to destroy Love between them, because Love gives power to nonphysical forces of Light to eliminate the etheric Archons and their henchmen.
Second, they are allergic to healthy sexual energy. They suppress that energy in the human population, and when they do not succeed in suppressing it, they pervert it. Sexual energy is the life force itself and when they manage to suppress it, they get a population of sheep on the surface of the planet that can easily be controlled.
Third, they are allergic to the energies of positive extraterrestrial civilizations and the energies of the ascended masters. They try to suppress, distort and manipulate these energies as much as possible.

The Archons on the Physical Plan:

On the physical plane, control is maintained by a type of Orion-Babylonian financial system focused on debt and slavery and also the spirit through mass media programming.
The Archons are incarnated within the Jesuit organization and they spiritually control their administrators (Illuminati Draconians) who execute the financial system), their warriors (Reptilian Mercenaries who protect the Illuminati) and their slaves (the humanity that works for them).
Through Jesuit societies and the Freemasons of the 33rd degree they hold the Illuminati structure together. This structure is finally collapsing.
There were three main invasions of the Archons and their enslaved races like Draconians and Space Reptilians in known human history.
Each of them has occurred on the physical and spiritual levels. The first is the Kurgan invasion which occurred around 3600 BC. The dark beings entered through the dimensional portal of the Caucasus (Pic above).
Their goal was to destroy the peaceful goddess worshiping Neolithic cultures that flourished in Neolithic Europe. They wanted to destroy the veneration of the goddess, since feminine energy is our direct link to the source.  Link in English :
The second is the Khazar invasion which occurred around the year 393. The dark beings used the same dimensional portal of Caucasus (Pic above).
The main purpose of this invasion was to destroy the schools of mystery, the Christian Gnostic groups and the paganism worshiping nature and replace that with the programming of the Christian worship spirit.
This programming was reinforced with the creation of the virtual reality hell on the lower astral plane that was later used by the Church to strengthen its position.
The third is the Congo invasion that occurred in 1996. The dark beings entered through the war-torn Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The main objective of this invasion was on the etheric plane and lower astral plane. The purpose of this invasion was to destroy the New Age and Ascension movement as well as to strengthen the Matrix, which was already beginning to disintegrate in 1995 as a result of the mass awakening on Earth. Most people are unaware of this invasion because their memories of the Light that was present on Earth before 1996 were erased with intense seances between 1996 and 1999.
On a physical level, the current leader Archon lived in a small provincial town not far from Rome. He was arrested on May 5, 2012 by the Resistance forces and taken out of the planet. He came to Earth in 1995 through a portal in a deep underground military base near Verona to prevent the Ascension and the planetary liberation process that was almost in effect then, and to prepare and organize the invasion of Congo by the Archons in 1996.
But it is very well connected with them and with the Jesuit network through the following three main communication nodes:
Its role was to maintain the status of quarantine on planet Earth and “to prevent certain things from happening”. He has gone to the side of the Light and is now helping with his free will the process of planetary liberation.
The main Archons are in the following families of black nobility: Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini and Chigi families.
The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they created the Jesuits with a little help from the Borja family in the 1540s.
Immediately after, they built their first Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome (Pic above).
In their “residence card” inside this building, they shaped the fate of the world during the 16th and 17th centuries (Pic above).
It is interesting to note that the 16th century world map shows Antarctica, which was officially ‘discovered in the 1770s’.
Around this time, the Farnese decided to use the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create the Illuminati, put the Rothschilds in power and move the seat of Farnese power in Washington, DC (Pic below).  They built their second Pentagon.
It is also interesting to see that Larry Farnese, a family member, is a senator:
The Orsini family has a strong connection to the reptilian breed and is the main connecting link between physical and non-physical archons. It is they who created the pact between the reptilian race and the Roman Catholic Church.
A long time ago, their main portal was in the underground tunnels under Pitigliano. This system of tunnels made all the way to Orvieto and in the underground chambers under Orvieto they stored the Vatican gold. The Orsini family lost much of their power in May 2010 following a large-scale operation of positive forces code-named “Mission Blue Shield”.
The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group who have chosen to experience separation from the source for millions of years. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rites from the Atlantis Mysteries School. This family is aware of the importance of Goddess energy. This family will be revealed to the public after the event and its story will surprise many people.
The Chigi family are the bankers for the Jesuits and they control the Banca Monte dei Paschi of Siena. The Eastern Alliance has disrupted their financial machinations and here are the results:
“It took only a few days to ruin the five centuries of the venerable reputation of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS). At the heart of a financial scandal with very political hues, the oldest bank in the world could eventually lose its independence. The Tuscan institution is threatened by the discovery of trading losses of several hundred million euros. The positions behind these losses, revealed by the Italian press last week, were taken between 2008 and 2009. The new leaders of BMPS have “found” these contracts explosive derivatives in late 2012 by passing the accounts of the bank with iron straw. “
All these families lose power quickly and the Cabal is losing the support that has protected them for centuries. This is the reason many people within the structure of the Cabal are preparing for the end of civilization and the construction of the current shelters.