Lyrans or Vegans are a benevolent alien race, probably from Lyra Constellation, Vega star. Along with the Pleiadians, they are against the reptilians and have representatives in the Andromeda Council. There are different types of Lyrans: Cat-like Lyrans, descendans of Pleiadians, Orions, Sirians, Caucasian types, bird-like Lyrans, Altairians and others. Also, some of them have descendants on other planets and constellations. So there are many types of Lyrans, each species being the descendant of another, they are starseed hybrids. But some Lyran races don’t seem so loving and friendly all the time, rather, frightening and uncaring, like Vega Lyrans.
Vega Lyrans
This type of Lyrans are rather tall, they have a humanoid or anthropomorphic build.
Their hairless head is very large for their body, but ends in a very narrow pointy small chin. Their skin is a pale pink color and they have no hair on the head. There are two small puckered external ears, there is a mouth and a long narrow nose ridge. The eyes are large and have whites to the sides, with a large pale blue-green iris, and the pupils aren’t black, but there is a darker shade of blue-green but still even those are pale in color.
The Lyrans wear long robes of a pale blue-green color with long sleeves.
Personality: They can be frightening if they are upset. They Starseeded 300 000 years ago, in southern Europe. Lyrans came to the Earth to starseed a new race only because they felt the need to be creators, not because they love someone or because they care about life.
Their planet: Vega Lyrans’ planet is murky. The ground is almost black, and it appear to look like cooled down black lava glass. There are jagged mountain chains of dark color. The sky is dark but it has some crimson or purple red furthest down in the horizon, as if the coloration of the gas of an atmosphere, or the blush of a sunset or a sunrise. On planet there are rectangular buildings made out of walls that are panels of a pale blue-green color and these look as if they were made out of glass or a similar material. No doors, windows, or other features could be seen on these wall panels.
This demonstrates that this alien race is much older in our galaxy than we think. At that time there were apes resembling black chimps living on large plains. They did not know how to make the fire, but they were biopsies. The Lyrans came and created a new species between them and apes. Then the Lyrans created a ”satanic” cult monument with a dead ox and fire torches lit on both sides, as a sign and warning for the ape people because in the Middle East were other dangerous aliens there.
First there were the black chimpanzees. The black chimpanzees were seeded on Earth by the Lyrans, and the product of what was seeded by the Azkeths in the East. The Azkeths further modified what the Lyrans had first created.
1. The original black chimpanzee apes.
2. The ape that resulted when the Lyrans Starseeded.
3. The ape that was Starseeded by the Lyran and additionally had also been Starseeded by the Eastern Azkeths.
The Lyrans were upset that their seeded apes had been ruined by the Azkeths.
Lyran felines
There are more types of ‘feline people’ that are different species but with features of lion, cat, tiger, etc and from different star systems.
The type-feline alien species are very varied and they are scattered in the constellations of Pleiades, Lyra, Sirius and others, in another Universe. They starseeded and mated with other species like the Reptilians, and that’s why it’s hard to give them an exact description.
The Lyran Feline’s planet in another Universe had pink grass, purple skies and a vast blue sun (or two). The buildings were mostly domed shaped and there were many crystal cities. However, their planet was destroyed in a brutal galactic war. Feline people lived on different planets with different descriptions. Another planet was cold and had also two suns of different colors and green ground and there were vegetation only in certain areas. Another source says that such a planet exists in Sirius too, probably in another Universe.
They are ethereal beings in 4th dimension and maybe in 5th too, but they can also manifest themselves physically and are very strong and telepathic beings.  Lyran felines generally have cat features including prominent eyes, mouth, eears, nose and hands
The lion (Lyran) people generally were sandy in color and mainly had golden or red hair and tails. Their eyes are yellow, green or blue, and large with cat pupils. Other feline humanoids are variations of the lion people and can have different colours eyes like brown, orange or white. Their bodies are covered with fur, but but they like to wear decorative clothes. They are immensely strong and they walk in an almost vertical position. Their maxillary is not as elongated as a lion, but is shorter and the mouth is small. They have wide and flat noses and prominent nostrils. Also, the ears are not as long and sharp as those of the felines, but they are shorter and rounded. These feline people have long hair on their head, something like the lion’s mane.
Personality and behavior: They are able to reincarnate after death in other feline alien species and even in feline hybrids (E.g. Lyran feline-Reptilian)
Lyrans are spunky, they have a spontaneous energy or can be so regal and laid back, that they carry an air of wisdom that makes them appear to be conservative. Their energy is very high in vibration and they cannot be idle for long. They like to be the first to try many things, but seldom finish projects because their energy loses interest after short while. Lyrans have many leadership tendencies when around others who are of a different origin than them, but with others, they get quiet and observant. They like to seek out a good thrill, and love to be the center of a good adventure, that can sometimes lead them into trouble. They are giving, generous, and very open and trusting with everyone at first, but they do keep an eye out at all times for betrayal.
They have this knowing of things unlearned here, that they get from their teachings back in Lyra. Those with a Lyran energy, have a great instinct in life, and can rely on their gut to tell them the truth. They also can get extremely insecure, mad, impatient or jealous if they do not know how to work with 4th dimension energy. In Lyra, they would be very self assertive but mixing their traits with Earth energy can have reverse affects.