Place of Origin: The Draconian beings originally came from another universe after the universe already created stars and planets and the Avian and Feline races were already developing here billions of years ago. They established themselves in the Draco and Orion constellation regions and then set out to conquer other worlds.
Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 12D
Appearance: The original Reptilian master race is Draconian, which have the form of Dragons. They are huge winged beings of immense power. There are now many forms of Reptilian beings in the universe. Some are fully reptilian, and some are human reptilian hybrids.
Evolution: The Draconian race came in small numbers after this universe was formed. They found and opened the gateway that is in the Lyran Constellation. They were a renegade group whose motives were to find new lands to conquer and to multiply. They became a menace to many evolving worlds and did not abide by limits of interference set by creator beings and angelic consciousness. The Reptilians developed a disturbing reputation in this universe. The Draconian Royal lineage has since evolved to a high stature and they cooperate in guiding creation in the universe. There are many Reptilian races that are still war like and a bit rough. While others have evolved to find the power within their heart centers and are a powerful positive force in creating new civilizations.
Qualities: Strength, stamina, intense, influential, bold and aggressive, refined instincts, builders, honorable, brave, loyal, protective. Beneath the tough skin they have hearts of gold when they activate this from within. Prone to outbursts of sentiment that can be overwhelming to other races.
Abilities: They tend to see advantages in all situations and can strategize ways to effectively complete any goal. Instincts are acute. They sense motives and some say they smell fear and weakness, but also strengths. Many species are only crudely telepathic, if at all, thus they often depend on telepathic translators in their galactic dealings but, again, their instinctual prowess serves them well. They can also energetically shapeshift into other beings.
Specialties: Reptilians will get the job done no matter what it takes. They are social builders and can see how talents can best be used to accomplish tasks. They establish effective hierarchies and rules to make teams succeed. Higher dimensional Reptilians are called upon to bring order and direction to common pursuits. They bring loyalty and sense of duty to endeavors.
Basic Needs: Respect and Order. Reptilians generally need others to respect their strength and instincts. They have strong desires to bring order out of chaos.
Focus: Bringing spirit of accomplishment, duty, loyalty, courage and order to all situations. Evolving Reptilians seek to reveal the strength within their hearts and to use this power to elevate projects.
Involvement with Earth: Some say the Draconian race created the Dinosaurs on Earth.  Others believe they were created by Creator Gods. They were an early experiment in for Gaia consciousness. Then it was agreed by universal councils that there was time for new life to blossom on Earth, but that reptiles would remain in smaller forms. Much later, after humans were evolved in sentience, a 4D Reptilian race became involved in enslaving human beings to do their bidding and there was some genetic mixing that occurred without permission from guardians of Earth. This race and other Reptilian beings are trying to rectify this mistake now. Earth humans still have Reptilian DNA. It is hoped that the positive aspects of this can be strengthened in the race. Much of the overly aggressive and militant behaviors of humans came from these genes that were not planned for. There is also much resentment and negative influence from this early Reptilian influence that exists energetically in the astral field of Earth and human collective consciousness.
Guide for Humanity: Crestonia (12D Draconian Queen)
Star seeds: The Reptilians souls on Earth today are often from 5D evolved races that are here to remedy the negative influences from past reptilian beings. They are heart centered with a profound power to use their loyalty and sense of duty to awaken unconditional love on Earth. Hidden beneath what may appear to be guarded nature, lies a huge capacity to transcend differences and find acceptance for all walks of life. These souls are often leaders in whatever they do. They make wonderful group coordinators and event organizers and will usually finish what they start. They can come across too strong or boisterous, and some may say arrogant. But again, when they let down the guard that covers their heart, they reveal an amazing gift that allows them to see the love and talents of others and lead them to accomplish great things. These souls are often attracted to politics, community groups, the military, corporate structures, building contracting, or anything that makes use of their skills to organize, lead and build something. However, even if they do solitary activities, such as writing a book, they will give it sound structure and will gather everything they need with diligence and internal heart. Note that some can see the Reptilian soul within these humans and will think they are shapeshifting. Since humans have Reptilian DNA it is easy for these souls to incarnate within the human form and their true appearance can be seen by some.